RK (RamaKrishna Math), Mylapore, Chennai: Timings and temple

Rama Krishna Math, Chennai also called as “R K Math” is first of its kind in South India. This math induces spirituality in oneself by offering service to mankind in different forms.

How to reach there?

Nearest Bus stand:
Sanskrit College, Mylapore & Luz corner bus-stand. Click here to find the bus route in chennai

Nearest Train stations:
Thirumayilai (also called Mylapore) & MundaKanni Amman Kovil. These stations are located on Velachery-Chennai beach local train route. Click here to find the local train routes.

Visiting timings: (No Entry fee)
05:00-11:45 & 15:00-21:00

R K math, chennaiUniversal temple from the main entrance

The Lawn:
The Lawn looks more influenced by the Mughal style however it has no water source in between the lawn. With colourful pathway decorated with parapets it adds value to what you are going to see from closer.

Front of Ramakrishna math chennaiA Closer look at the Universal temple

Universal Temple:
As the name suggests, the Universal temple is universal in sense that it is open for every person irrespective of his caste, creed or status in the society. Moreover, The temple complex also offers free medical and charitable activities for public and that’s what makes it truly Universal in nature.

Ramkrishna Mission sign

Architecture of the temple:
Being the main place of worship, the Universal temple flaunts a big and momentous architecture of spirituality.
The wide foot-steps which take us to the main entrance of the temple are influenced by the ancient architecture however the whole architecture is a confluence of Jainism, Buddhism and Dravidian style. The four high pillars columns are 60 feet in height giving a feel of the Roman architectural style. And just above the entrance door, the sign of Ramakrishna mission is there. 

Side view of RK math, chennai

If you take a walk around, you would see another tomb, higher than the first tomb, at the rear part of the Universal temple. This tomb is at 102 feet of height. The same architecture of four pillars is repeated on the sides of the temple. 

Inside the temple:
The temple is regarded as a place of spirituality. Maintaining silence is the essence of the temple. and you can see, a lot of people doing meditation and spiritual practices inside the temple. The temple is big from Inside with statues of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa. 

Tomb of ramakrishna math, chennaiThe rear tomb

Ramakrishna math from backAnother view from the rear


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  1. mav. krishnarao

    No words to say, It is wonderful, and the peace inside the temple is memorable, May I pray to Lord the grace of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda swamis will ever on us.


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