Mekedatu Falls & Sangama From Bangalore

Mekedatu falls situated over river Kaveri flowing through narrow gorges, is 100 Km from Bangalore and 3.5 Kms from Sangama, a place where river Kaveri and Arkavathi meets. Mekedhatu falls is in the list of some of the best places to see around Bangalore. Mekedatu is a waterfall located near Kanakapura, about 100 kilometers from Bangalore, the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka.

The waterfall is situated on the Arkavathi River and is known for its natural beauty and scenic surroundings. It is a popular destination for trekking and picnics, and attracts many visitors from Bangalore and other parts of the state. To get to Mekedatu from Bangalore, you can take a bus or hire a taxi from the city. The journey takes about 2-3 hours by road, depending on the mode of transport and the traffic conditions.

How to reach Mekedatu falls from Bangalore?

Search for “Sangama river confluence point” on Google maps for the driving route to Sangama. This road ends here at the banks of Sangama, a place where river Kaveri and river Arkavathi meets. However, you need to pay Rs. 50 for the vehicle parking near the Sangama.


Mekedatu can be visited between 8.30 AM and 5.30 PM on all days. Boat and bus services stop after 5.
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30 and the public are not allowed to stay back in Meked?tu.

Reaching Mekedatu falls from Sangama:

Once you park your vehicle, you need to cross the river to the other side. Sometimes, if there is water in the river, you might have to pay Rs. 40 to cross the river or else you can just wade through the water. When there is water in the river, the Coracle services are there which ask you to pay 40 rupees.

Once you cross to the other side of the river, you have to catch the forest department bus to Mekedatu falls. The bus charges is another Rs. 60 per person.  This charge includes to and from the Mekedatu falls to the Sangama. So, on the other side, there will be buses waiting for the passengers. I am not sure of the weekdays if the buses ply but on weekends, there will surely be buses. You board the bus, go to the Mekedatu falls. Spend some time there.

In the meanwhile, the buses return and pick up another set of passengers. So, after you have finished the visit to the Mekedatu falls, you can wait there for any bus to arrive and return to the Sangama once again.

Crossing Sangama

Mekedatu falls’ other Information:

Once you catch the forest department to Mekedatu falls, near the falls, there won’t be any shop or restaurants. Please do not walk bare feet. Chances are there that you will step over a broken beer bottle. However, near the parking point at Sangama, there are a few restaurants which serve fast food, snacks, and water.

Not far from Mekedatu waterfalls, there is another waterfall which plunges from almost 75feet and a magnificent waterfall to see called Chunchi falls.

Mekedatu- the leap of the goat

Staying option at Mekedatu:

There is a very nice KSTDC Guest house nearer to the Sangama. It has also got a restaurant. But the restaurant is not open to the public. It’s open only for the hotel staffs. It has got AC double room, Double rooms, and simple dormitories. prices are also affordable. Here is the booking link for the KSTDC Hotel near Mekedatu, Sangama

If you are in a group, I would suggest you go for the dormitory. It has got a nice terrace as well. There is also a restaurant there. And there is also a public toilet there. So, if you decide to take bath in the river there, then ladies and females and change clothes near the restaurant in the public bathrooms and toilet.

After 5 in the evening, police and forest department guys would not allow you to enter into the water. The undercurrents are very high so please be careful inside the river and do not cross the safe area.

Mythical story behind Mekedatu falls:

It is said that once a got was being chased by a tiger. In desperation, the goat leaped across the deep gorges of river Kaveri while the tiger could not take an attempt of jumping across and continuing its hunt. It is believed that the goat was the Lord Shiva in disguise.
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There are marks of hooves on the rocks.

Although it seems unpractical, looking at the gorges that a goat might have taken the leap, nonetheless, river Kaveri is also widening year by year with continuous erosion so sometimes, it looks possible too.  And since then the name ‘Mekedatu’ came into existence from a ‘Goat’s Leap’. mekedatu-falls

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