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Landour is a small town that is offbeat, peaceful, and unexplored by many tourists who visit Mussoorie. On a sunny and clear sky day, people are able to see Gangotri, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and many other Himalayan mountain peaks with their naked eyes from Landour. This town has a very old history as the first home was built in 1825. Till today the streets, houses, architecture, culture, and cafes have the very same resemblance as that of the British Era. Landour is the perfect weekend getaway for anyone who wants to get away from their busy city life and spend some quality time in the mountains.

How to reach Landour from Mussoorie

Landour is around 4 KM from picture palace, Mussoorie. My suggestion will be to walk and reach Landour. You can also reach there by your private vehicle or you can hire a taxi which I will not recommend as it may cost you anywhere from RS.300 to RS.400.

Walking to Landour will be the most beautiful and surreal experience you will ever have. The winding roads with an amazing woody smell will be the experience of a lifetime. The peace and quietness of the town are another positive which you can enjoy while walking to Landour from Mussoorie.

Best Time to Visit Landour

This is an all-season town. Many people from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and many other neighboring states visit this place during summer to beat the heat but the rainy season has its own charm. Many people plan to visit Landour in winter to enjoy the snow but mind you in winter the town is more crowded and hotels are full so plan your trip accordingly during winters.

If you want to enjoy peace and calmness and don’t like more people and vehicles than plan your trip during weekdays as weekends can be crowded and costly in comparison to the weekdays.

Exploring the Town

Landour has always been far away from the traffic chaos and over-commercialization. The most important thing which will fascinate people visiting this place is that there has been 0 tree cutting or any kind of mining in the last 100 years and there has been no new structure added to the town since 1924 as building new structures is unlawful in Landour. Let me tell you an interesting fact that during the time of Independence, Landour had 24 houses and still this town has that many houses only.
There is a very famous line in Hindi for Landour, ‘Choubis Makaan aur Char Dukaan – Itna hi hai Landour’.

Places to Visit

Char Dukaan

As the name suggests, the shop consists of four shops. Char dukaan has a history of more than 50 years and boasts of being the most frequently traveled shops in Mussoorie. Char dukaan offers one of the best breakfast and tea menu you may ever come across. The cinnamon waffles, banana pancakes, pan pizzas, etc. are some of the most famous items which are very common among the visitors.

St. Paul’s Church

It is one of the oldest and historic churches in Mussoorie. St. Paul’s Church was built in 1840 and was regularly used by the British soldiers to rest and pray. St. Paul’s is located right next to Char Dukaan. It is a must visit as this spectacular church is surrounded by mountains and deodar trees.

Lal Tibba

The name Lal Tibba or Red Hill is mostly because of the red soil found on this mountain. It is the highest mountain peak in Landour. You will find 2-3 very small cafes where you can place orders for Maggie, tea or coffee and enjoy the scenic view of different Himalayan peaks. You can also pay RS.50 and use binoculars placed on the terrace for enjoying the view. Most of the people visit Lal Tibba to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.

Sisters Bazaar

At one end of Landour you may locate a road shaped ‘8’, it is known as sisters bazaar. You may find some of the best cafes and bake houses in this place. Famously this area of the Landour is known as “Meeting Point”.

Rokeby Manor

The most famous and luxurious hotel with the colonial architecture which is very rare to find in India. This hotel was built in the 1800’s and has become a major tourist attraction because of it’s warm hospitality and beautiful architecture. Famous personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Ruskin Bond, and many film personalities visiting Mussoorie have graced this hotel.

My Personal Thoughts

There is alot to cover, travel and to enjoy here in Landour. When I visited Landour, I had first booked a scooty on rent as you can not cover everything on foot and visiting every place on a rented car could be very costly. There are many options to book a scooty on the spot in the Landour or Mussoorie. Carry a shrug or a jacket as the weather will cold most of the time. Plan your trip for 2 days and try to cover all the places. Take a night walk around the town and try to eat the local roadside momos and noodles for better local taste and experience.

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