Kanva Dam Reservoir, Ramanagaram from Bangalore

Kanva reservoir is an artificial lake also known as Kanva dam, situated at a distance of around 70 Kms from Bangalore. It is famous for sunset, Bird watching, fishing, and a weekend road trip from Bangalore.

More about Kanva reservoir:

Kanva dam is situated at a distance of around 70 Kms from Bangalore. Recently, it has turned out into a weekend tourist attraction for people from Bangalore. Situated at a distance of 10 Kms North to Ramanagara town, Kanva reservoir offers a serene weekend.

List of attractions and things to do at the Kanva reservoir:

  • Watch the sunset (Look for the weather before you drive there)
  • Enjoy fishing with the local fishermen. Local fishermen do fishing in the dam on a coracle. They take out the fishing nets in the evening around the sunset. If requested, they can give you a coracle ride during the sunset. Fishing is also one of the primary sources of income for the fishermen over there. Those fishes are sold in the market in Ramanagara.
  • Bird watching:¬†Kanva dam is also famous for bird watching. A lot of Nature photographers turn out from Bangalore on weekends to shoot the birds. If you also want to shoot birds, better drive in the morning. You can go for photography in the evening as well. There will a lot of birds.
  • Take a walk along the dam:¬†After parking your vehicle, you can also take a walk along the banks of the dam. And you can walk for miles along the banks. The further you walk, the better you can take.

Kanva reservoir Parking

Kanva Reservoir Google Map and parking spots

There are many routes from Ramanagaram to reach Kanva dam. The road condition is not so good except the main route shown above in the image. There is also a parking spot (Kind of) where you can park your vehicle. It comes just before the Kanva Dam bridge. You can see the Kanva dam bridge in the top left corner.

If you are lucky, you can also see a few vehicles already parked over there. After you park the vehicle, you can walk to the dam easily. It is serene and safe. However, I would recommend you return just after the sunset just for the safety purpose.

Kanva Reservoir Pictures:

Kanva reservoir at sunset Kanva dam at the sunset fishermen in Kanva Reservoir


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