Irrupu Falls Traveling Guide: Charges & Other Details

Irupu Falls also known as Iruppu falls is situated in the Brahmagiri range on the border of Karnataka and Kerala. Irrupu falls is also a famous destination among the trekkers. Hikers returning from the Tadiandamol trek, mostly like to relax under the cold water of this waterfall. Here is the distance list of Irrupu falls from different places:

  • Virajpet: 48 Km
  • Gonikoppal: 32 Km
  • Wayanad: 55 Km

Irrupu falls is also known as Lakshmana Teertha falls. According to the legends from Ramayana, when Rama & Lakshmana were looking out for Sita, they crossed Brahmagiri range. Rama got thirsty and he asked Lakshmana to fetch water for him. Lakshmana shot an arrow and that arrow marked the inception of this waterfalls. Because of this legend, this waterfall is believed to clean all the sins. That’s why Irrupu falls see a very big crowd Shivaratri day.

Irrupu Falls Charges

Irrupu Falls Parking Charges

  • Bus, Minibus – INR 30
  • Car & Jeep – INR 10
  • Two wheelers – INR 5

Irrupu Falls Entry Charges

  • Indians: INR 50
  • Foreigners: INR 110

Irrupu Falls Bathing Facility

  • Months Open: From October to May
  • Opening Timings:  From 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM

More About Irrupu Falls

Besides the waterfalls, Irrupu falls is also famous for Irrupu Rameshwara temple which is situated just right to falls entrance gate. Near the entrance gate, there is also a ticket counter where everyone has to buy the tickets.

Parking Facility

Just in front of the falls entrance gate, there is a big ground in where you can park your vehicle.

Toilet & Other facilities

There is a Shulabh Shauchalaya in front of the parking ground. The uses charges are INR 5 or depending on the kind of uses. This toilet is generally clean except on the crowded days.

There are also some shops on another side of the parking lot such as fruits shops, sugarcane juice shop, coconut water shop etc. You can also get snacks there.

Cloth changing facilities for ladies

Ladies can either change the clothes in the Shulabh Shauchalaya or there are other ladies cloth changing rooms inside the falls premises just after the entrance gate. So, after taking the bath while returning you can utilize those facilities.

Souvenir shop

Just beside the ticket counter & entrance gate, there is also a souvenir shop. I found that little overpriced. Though overpriced but there are still some cool stuffs inside the shop which you might to explore.

From Entrance to falls

From entrance gate to the falls, there is a total distance of 750 meters including 120 steps which you need to climb. The path is through the forest area but it is well maintained. Besides stairs, there is also a hanging garden which you need to cross to reach the falls. The last walk to the falls is on the iron platform. This platform is for the stability. Under the falls, at a time, 7-8 people can take bath.


The rocks get very slippery when wet. Also, a girl or the woman should be accompanied by a man. No incidents have theft or stealing has been heard but it is better to take care of your own goods while leaving behind the valuables in the parking lot.

Irrupu Falls

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