Harangi Dam Backwaters Road trip from Bangalore Camping & Home-stays

Harangi backwater is a part of the Harangi Reservoir located near Hudgur village in Somwarpet taluk in Coorg district in Karnataka across the river Harangi. The Harangi dam is located about 9 km away from the town of Kushalnagar town.

How to Reach Harangi dam/ Backwater?

Harangi Dam distance from Bangalore: 235 KM / 6 Hours

There are many routes to reach Harangi reservoir but I would suggest taking the following route. Bangalore -> Mandya -> Sri Rangapatna -> Hunsur -> KushalNagar -> Harangi backwaters.

Road conditions:

Once you start from Bangalore, I would suggest you take the NICE road and then Mysore road. There will be usual traffic on the Mysore road. From Srirangapatna, there will be a bypass which will take you directly to the NH 275, the highway to Coorg.

There are a lot of speed breakers on this highway.  Also, there are not many Dhabas or night restaurants as this road is not so it is advisable to carry your own food and water bottle etc. Since this highway does not usually see a lot of traffic, the traffic is also very less on this highway.

The last stretch of 6 Km of Mysore-Madikeri Highway:

To reach the dam, you will have to drive off the Mysore-Madikeri highway 6 Kms. Since we reached there at around 3 AM, it was pitch dark. also, the road is single with a lot of potholes. There were no street lights and it was pitch dark everywhere. That was a scary drive. It took us around 25 Minutes. However, after some time, we started seeing some houses.

Harangi Dam camping:

Many people ask me where to camp near the Harangi dam. Just search for Shanthi Homestay, C/o Gundanna, Harangi Backwater Rd, Herur, Karnataka 571234.

Shanthi Homestay and beyond near Harangi backwaters

Beyond Shanthi Homestay, there is a non-metallic road or you can say an offroad trail. Just keep on driving along the trail. It ends at a point which forms a nice camping location. Also, the trail is good to go. We had gone there with Hyundai EON and we did not face any problem in driving on the trail. The trail runs along the water as you can see in the picture above.

When we reached there it was around 3 AM as we had started around 9 PM. When we reached there, it was pitch dark. We took out the tarp and slept there until sunrise inside our sleeping bags. In the morning, a lot of fishermen will start to take out the fishing nets in the dam. But they did not disturb us. Also, we saw a few more folks began arriving as the time passed. In the morning, you can also see a lot of birds making noises and playing with the water.

Once we reached the end point, we saw some camping trails from the past time such as a bonfire remnants, camping pegs, and even beer bottles so please don’t drink there and litter the place.

Homestays & Resorts Near Harangi Dam:

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