Dubare Elephant Camp: River Rafting & Dubare Inn resort

Dubare Elephant camp is a reserved forest dedicated for the elephants of Karnataka near Madikeri, coorg beside the river Kaveri. Dubare elephant forest was set up to train elephants for loggin purpose. Here is the full information on Dubare camp, Madikeri

How to Reach dubare Elephant camp?

Distance from Mysore: 100 Kms
Distance from Madikeri, Coorg: 30 Kms
Distance from KushalNagar: 15 Kms

Just search on Google maps for Dubare elephant camp and it will show you a driving route until here. Dubare was supposed to be a training camp for the elephants for the logging purpose. With ceasing of logging activities in Karnataka, these elephants are used to entertain the tourists.

On the way to Dubare elephant forest On the way to Dubare forest

When we arrived in Dubare, it was overly crowded so we had decided to walk to the river else there is proper road facility to the river point. From KushalNagar, road to Dubare forest runs along the river Kaveri. This 15 Kms of ride is full of greenery. If you go there in monsoon or post-monsoon season, there is a lot of greenery along the road-side. These greenery include coffee-plantations, paddy fields, tall grasses beside the road, Palm and coconut orchards and plantations.

Paddy fields on the way to DUbare forest
Paddy Fields & coconut plantations (n the background) on the way to Dubare camp

Beside these greenery and driving along river kaveri, the peaceful road and crossing through the villages adds more relaxation to the trip along with peace and calmness. There are certain cottage facilities in this area to which allow the visitors to spend a night in the coffee plantations along with other adventure facility like trekking.

Coffee plantation on the way to Dubare Coffee plantations on the way

Dubare elephant camp:

There is proper road facility to the Dubare camp on the bank of river Kaveri however, the camp is located on the other side of the river kaveri. One can use the local bating facility to cross the river and see the elephant during the day visit. The boating facility costs Rs. 20 per person. However, there is also a rocky path around, and you can cross the Kaveri by trekking on foot also.

Boating at Dubare forest Using boats to cross Kaveri to reach Dubare forest  situated on opposite bank

Fun in Kaveri:

River Kaveri can be used for a lot of fun there. If you are on single day visit, you can take bath at the bank, cross the Kaveri by the boat to see the elephant’s activities in the Dubare elephant camp and you can also do river rafting there.While taking a dip in Kaveri, be aware that the stream flows very fast and water is little colder than expected so be careful.

Bathing in river Kaveri at Dubare
Taking a dip in cold Kaveri

Rafting at Dubare Camp forest:

Rafting mostly resumes with monsoon in Dubare generally around Mid-June until September.

Pricing: 900-1000 per person, (might go higher during peak season)

Rafting routes:
1. Dubare to Balugodu (7 km)
2. Dubare to Cauvery Nisargadhama (12 km) (Recommended one)

Note: During the peak season, it is advisable to book the rafting online in advance to avoid the hustle. Sometimes, people generally get the rafting chance from the river Kaveri counter on weekends.

The rapids are not so strong and hence it is sometimes also called still water rafting. Most rapids you encounter are of level 1 or 2. But the view is great along the river through rocks, bamboo grasses and a load of greenery.

rafting in Kaveri at Dubare
rafting at Dubare

After crossing Kaveri @ Dubare camp:
After crossing the river Kaveri, you land on the bank of Dubare elephant camp. This camp ground used to train the elephants for six months for logging teak woods. 

 Fun with elephant: 
There are various kinds of activities which could be done in Dubare camp. 

Bathing the elephant: 
Arrive before 10:00 am to join the programme. It costs around Rs. 100 per person+ Rs. 20 Dubare entry fee

Elephant ride:
Free for kids below 7 and Rs. 100 per person for 5 mins of ride.
Timings: 10-12 and 16:00-17:00

Elephants at Dubare forest A Kid mahaout (from local tribe) riding the Elephant

Dubare Inn resort:

Dubare Inn Resort is situated facing to the Cauvery river. Just across the resort is the Debare elephant camp. This resort consists of four family non-AC Cottages and one Dormitory, with Conference Hall. Adjacent to the cottages there is a restaurant which caters to all kinds of food. If you want to know about the Dubare Inn resort, click here.

Contact Dubare Inn:

08276 – 267855
08276 – 267955
+91 948 183 2225

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  1. Shabana Nayeem

    Dubare Inn Resort is the worst experience we had just yesterday night resorts fully haunted no safety no luxury no hot water they charge per room 4000 bathroom very dirty in hygienic water no hot water no food service one of the worst experiences we had is we had to run for our lives same day we had booked it had been only 3 hours of booking we left room at 2 am night no other option to save our lives only two persons were there slpt we had to pay 8000 for two rooms very badly haunted place not recommended for stay its very risky no security no medical on time no one for help if needed very badly maintained roads very bad haunted haunted haunted

  2. Anonymous

    Dubare is one heavenly place. The water rafting was best …we lived in Kushalnagar for 2 years. Your post was so touching. Cheers.


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