Victory column Berlin: sightseeing and history

Tobi always loved to express things in details covering almost every detail of the topic. That day was Sunday.
We had come out for cycling around Berlin from Karl-Marx strasse where Dine lived, a part of East Berlin.
I don’t remember all the routes those we followed. We cycled through some small parks and big gardens,
I think Tiergarten before stopping at the Berlin victory column. Moritz explained me that it was built because of Prussia’s victory in the German-Danish war in 1864. Later Germany defeated Austria in 1866 and France in 1870-1871.

Victory column, Berlin

Anyone can go to the top of the victory column but one has to climb around 285 steps to reach to the top and see
Berlin from there. Since we were tired, so we decided to sit outside and talk. I was also told that the whole statue was situated somewhere else in Berlin. Nazis brought that Statue to its current place. And this statue is also facing towards East that means towards Austria. Nazis also raised the statue by some feet more. There is a big circle around the statue and many roads come from different direction there. It’s very nice to be there and enjoy the places.

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