Things to do in Tiergarten biergarten, Berlin: Fun guide

When we entered cycling through the Tiergarten, it was hard for me believe that such a big garden, or lets call that a forest, could exist in the heart of a metropolitan city like Berlin. Mo told me that Teirgarten was second largest urban public park of Germany. Englishcer garten of Munich was the largest one.

Tiergarten Area, Berlin:

210 hectares/ 520 Acres

Spring in berlin

Spring in berlin

History of Tiergarten, Berlin:

Intially Tiergarten when founded was not a part of the city. It was situated on the edge of Berlin. King used Tiergarten as a hunting area for hunting deer and other wild animals. Over the time, later kings build many structures inside the tiergarten and also connected tiergarten with the main city of Berlin. A few decades later, Tiergarten was converted into Lustgarten or also called as ā€œPleasure Gardenā€ for the general public of Berlin.
In 18th century when art and cultural values were more significant, ornamental water pools, water basins, ponds, flowerbeds and even sculptures were added to the garden to add more cultural values. With time, Tiergarten turned into a private place where people could discuss intellectual and artistic talks.

lietenzen see park, Berlin in winter (2)

Tiergarten under Nazis:

Like all the important structures of Berlin, Tiergarten also suffered a lot of devastations during the second world war. People started cutting trees in lack of cooking fuels. Many sculptures and statues were destroyed, water turned turned murky and flower beds were destroyed. However, after the second world war, tiergarten was restored and today it looks beautiful.

Tiergarten today:

Over the time, the city of Berlin grew and there are housing all around the tiergarten separated by a peripheral street/ road running around it. Moreover, ti has also got the strategic position of lying the center of the heart of Berlin, it is easily accessible from all the parts of Berlin.Ā Tiergarten is popular among local people for jogging, cycling, sports, grilling on sunday, photography, picninc and even skating on frozen lakes in winters.

People doing ice skating in berlin

Public transport to Tiergarten:

S-Bahn metro train (S Tiergarten): S5, S7, S75
Bus (S Tiergarten): N9

Famous restaurants around Tiergarten:


After much cycling, we reached to a cafe restaurant inside the tiergarten called cafeamneuensee. I think it means cafe at new lake of Tiergarten. There I had, as usual, my favourite frech fries and mayo. Prices are little higher there but it worths seating and eating there amid nature. On sunday, a lot of people will gather around and enjoy there.

Tiergarten Biergarten/ beer garden:

Your travel to Germany is only complete if you taste a german Beer. Well, everyone drinks beer on roadside cafe/ restaurants but ar Beirgarten, a lot of people flock from all parts of Berlin and enjoy beer.

Tiergarten cruising:

Near the restaurant cafeamneuensee, I also saw some people doing boating, I remember they rented boat there for kayaking. Since we already had a kayaking plan in upcoming weekends in Spreewald and charges also seemed little higher, we decided to skip that plan.

lietenzen see park, Berlin in winter (3)

Tiergarten opening hours

TiergartenĀ opens everyday from 9am to 6 pm even on public holidays.

Other places of interest in Tergarten, Berlin:

Rousseau island, English garden and coffee shop

Best time to visit:

Best time to visit Tiergarten is spring

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