My first dark Russian beer experience: Baltika 9

My first experience of Baltika beer was related more to my personal bonding with Russia since childhood. These are the reasons, personal and historical, that have made be a fan of Russia, current political situations apart.

  • I had once read a Hindi story of an Indian in Moscow in winter. His description of kids looking like a penguin in white snow; big apartments; some of the Russian words having root to Sanskrit

ex: fire is ????? which is pronounced as ogon (which has Sanskrit root as Agni which means fire)

  • Rabindranath Tagore’s poem being famous in Russia, instantly made me a fan of Russia.
  • Taking cue from the 1971 war of India Pakistan Russian nuclear submarines came to the rescue of India when USA was on Pakistan side.
  • Our prime minister Indira Gandhi, signed a 20 years agreement from 1971-1991 with Russian then in the field of defence.
  • The best personal experience was meeting Sam, my Russian friend.

Russian Beer Baltika 9

Russian store was just across the road and on every ocassion that had be our first stop to grab a bottle of Russian beer, Baltika. Ok, Russia had got some extreme sides also just type “Russian road rage” in Youtube and you will see a lot of videos.

Watching those Russian guys at the store would tale my mind to the Russian guys in the road rage videos. Not be denied, I was little scared of them too but they were never rude to me except once when I miscalculated the bill amount at Russian shop for beers was paying the guy lesser money. Well, Euros always made me confused in initial days.

I remember it was Sam who brought the beers on some occasion and we venerated over the beer as it was Russia. In our regular discussions also, we criticized US fo their double-faced game. Baltika beer was opened. It’s surely different in taste. The taste is more like honey or some fruit syrup. It’s totally different from regular beer taste. Moreover, the dark bottle would add more weight to the taste.

I think we always took Baltika 7 which is dark in colour. I loved the dark bottle so much that I never took the beer out in the glass and tried to drink. We always drank from the bottle. So, if you are also a fan of Russian attitude, try Baltika dark beers. You will love it.

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