Lustgarten/ Pleasure garden, Berlin: history and present

Lustgarten in German or Pleasure Garden in English! Yes, you read it right. Don’t get astonished. Such places still do exist in today’s world. Pronunced in German as Lustgarten, it’s located Berlin.

lust garten berlin

What would you think of when you would hear a name of this kind? A big beautiful garden where angels fly; waterfall plays a mellifluous music; sun always shines warm; beautiful butterflies fly around and trees are always laden with fruits. Well, I had similar imaginary thoughts when I heard of Lustgarten for the first time. The name “Lustgarten” is little raunchy when pronunced but it’s english name “Pleasure garden” is not so provocative. But I thought that’s not possible in 21st century unless it’s a exclusive garden with relics from medieval time showing couples carved in sculptures something like I saw in the Berlin Unesco World heritage site museum.

Anyway, Lustgarten is just a very big grass lawn on museum island of Berlin. There are no trees around still it’s so beautiful geometrically and aesthetically.

History of Lustgarten/ Pleasure garden:

Well, It was developed as a kitchen garden for Berlin city palace. With time, this garden saw a lot of changes. Sometimes, it was a mass rally ground, sometimes it was a parade ground. This was all because it was so big in area and that too in heart of the city. It also saw many changes during world war times since Germany was always in the center of the war. It was devasted heavily during second world war by military bombing however, later lime trees were planted to give it more of a common park/ garden look.

lustgarten from berliner tor

Lustgarten of Berlin Today:

Today, Lustgarten signifies its english name of being a pleasure garden. You will see people sitting in park; chit chatting; taking photographs; playing music; lying carelessly on the big grass lawns amid heart of Berlin. Fountain, Berlin cathederal church to its left, river spree flowing near by, musuem island just a walking distance away attaracts a lot of tourists and visitors to lustgarten. I think people probably love to take leisure break after visiting all the major tourists attractions around. If you really want to get a magnificent view of the lustgarten, go to the dom of berliner tor and take a look at the city around including pleasure garden. You will love it.

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