Himmelpfort camping experience with my German friends


Himmelpfort camping experience was something which I would like to always discuss. The main reason being camping in Germany is totally different from camping in India. I am validated to write such opinion because I organize camping & trekking in India and I can very well differentiate that.

Camping in India vs Camping in Germany:

There are a few things that I would like to highlight in terms of camping.

  • It is hard to rent a camping space in India but in Germany, people rent a camping space and camp there
  • Camping is allowed only in certain areas beyond that camping is not allowed. While in India, we even camp in a reserve forest.
  • Germans, in true terms, set up a small home while they camp. They come with a lot of stuff like grills, chairs, tables, playing stuff, cycles, etc.

We, in India, camp in a frugal way. I was not aware of such a camping style until I got to see it for my own.

Himmelpfort camping Experience:

Himmelpfort is a camping place almost 100 Kms North of Berlin beside a lake called Stolpsee. Once you arrive at a certain camping point, there will mostly be an office where you will have to go, register and rent a camping place. The camping area is mostly like a big ground where everyone pitches their own tent.

Besides, there will a common bathroom for all the people who camp over there so the surrounding remains clean. There will also be a restaurant where you find beer and eatables. I mentioned beet because Germans just love beer.

I remember it from Koh tao Island. Usually, I am not a beer fan. Two liters of beer is sufficient for me. However, when I was there in Thailand with my German friends, my beer capacity has literally gone to four to five liters per day. When I returned to India after 15 days of the trip, I had gained some weight as well. Keep aside my beer belly part. Anyways.

When we reached there, we talked with the guys at reception and we found a camping ground. Unaware of the German activities, I thought we would all go cycling and at least for hiking around the area. But the tent was pitched.

After the tent was pitched, our day started with beer. Whenever there is a situation, Germans like to have a beer. And I loved the idea of having a beer for every occasion. So, after the beer, we pitched our tent, got settled up with our camping stuff, we headed for the lake nearby.

Yes. So another great stuff about the lakes in Europe is they are really cleaner compared to India and people respect Nature. Most of our days’ activities included swimming in the lake, having a beer, and then relaxing under the warm sun again.

Though in the night, entering the lake was not allowed. But we still went inside the lake. The water was really cold for me. Imagine entering the lake at a water temperature of around 8 to 10-degree celsius. For my German friends, that was not a problem.

Around midnight, it rained pretty hard. The ground got wet and cold. For me, it was really colder. Christian, a friend of mine, helped us with a warm mat for insulating the ground.

The next morning, had our breakfast and decided to play “Durak”. Durak is a Russian game. “Durak” in Russian means a Fool. This game has a very complicated rule. However, it is a very interesting game. And played that game for like hours and hours.

The next day, we repeated the same routine.

Some of the things that I learned camping with Germans were:

  • Germans like to relax a lot while camping. I think the same applies to the other Europeans as well.
  • Germans like to have a beer for every occasion irrespective of the hours of the day.
  • Camping is a big event for them. I have seen people coming in their own caravan & vehicle with the family tent, chair, table, candle & all.
  • Even kids play camping all day long without any boundation.
  • People even rent boats and speed boats.
  • Germans do not like to talk much and they like to spend quality time alone in Nature.
  • Things like sunrise, sunset, stars, moon in the sky in the night play a big role in their lives on camping.

Himmelpfort camping experience video:

Himmelpfort camping Photos:

camping area near Himmelpfort Our tents at Himmelpfort Stolpsee near Himmelpfort camping Sunset on Stolpsee near Himmelfort camping (1) Sunset on Stolpsee near Himmelfort camping (2) Sunset on Stolpsee near Himmelfort camping (3)

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