Equestrian statue of Frederick the Great, Berlin

Equestrian statue of Frederick the Great is one of those sculptures in Berlin which is more a kind of motivation for me than having a historical significance behind it. I could relate myself with sculpture and the message behind the Equestrian statue of Frederick of Prussia.

First is that the horse riding statue of king Frederick is in military uniform with full military decoration wearing a three-cornered hat. The king is holding a rein in his left hand and has a walking stick in his right hand.

I am a big fan of medieval European history as well as the ancient history. Seeing the statue of the king Frederick riding a horse in full military suit was like watching a part of middle age European leader of a cavalry. Moreover, having been studied at Military school, full army jacket decorated with ranks and all is always a source of fantasy for me.

Horse, on top of that, represents agility and bravery in the battlefield. In fact, subconsciously I could imagine middle age war movies like Gladiator.

Equestrian statue of Frederick the Great, Berlin

Hat, specially if that be a leather hat, is so appealing to me. I go for hiking and trekking in South Indian terrain and have always longed for a good leather hat over my head. Unfortunately, I have not found one of my choice. May be, I will, someday.

While I was taking the Berlin city ride on hop on hop off bus, the bus crossed this structure. The radio guide announced that the king Frederick love the streets of Berlin so much that he seldom got down from the horse. That’s why it was decided that his Equestrian statue will be made riding a horse.

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