Colorful Berlin in evening from Berlin Cathedral church dome

From the top of the Berlin Cathedral church also called as Berliner Dom, Berlin has a remarkable panoramic view.

Berlin tv tower from berlin cathederal church

On one side, you see the museum island and river spree flowing beside it. On another side, you see the TV tower of the Berlin called Fernsehturm and high rising buildings of berlin, ships and small boats floating in the river, clean and wide roads and people walking all around.

River spree from Berlin cathederal church

You can even walk all around the dome. I happened to go to the top of the dome thrice. And I was lucky that I went at the different timings. The best view that I had been in the evening from the dome of the Berliner dom. Watching the sunset in the winter was a nice experience.

At the dome of Berlin cathederal church

Cold wind pierces through the ears and jacket, sky starts turning its colors from blue to orange to dark blue.

berlin at evening in winter

City lights starts coming up and after an hour everywhere its the city its full of lighting and Berlin looks so beautiful after that.

Berin in evening from berliner tor

Different kinds of lighting fill the berlin and makes it more colourful.

Berin in evening from berliner tor

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