Berlin Sculpture: Four spaghettis in Steel columns

During my stay in Berlin, I saw a lot of sculptures. To my amazement, there is a sculpture which is named after Berlin itself. It has four steel columns in form of spaghetti trying to mingle into each other but they do not though touch each other. I got to know about the different notions of the people about the reason behind spaghetti being four in number. My friend Shayan explained to me that four spaghetti signifies the four countries which once had four power agreement on Berlin during Cold war namely: United states of America, Soviet Union, France and England.

Berlin spaghetti sculpture

Later, I also came to know that two spaghetti out of four spaghetti, which are tilted towards each other depicted the then current situation of the Berlin during cold wars. Those two face towards east and west Berlin respectively and showed the difference between the East and west Berlin. Since they also do not touch each other shows how much east and west Berlin were so close yet so apart.

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