Berlin Ringbahn metro train: See the city on ride

I remember it was friday. I had not spent much time in Berlin by then, winter had just arrived. I got a proposal from my friend Tobias to drink beer and see the city of Berlin at night on RIng bahn metros.

Well, Ringbahn is the name of a particuar metro trains which runs through berlin almost in a circle. They are more like circle line of London Underground but the difference is they run mostly above the ground.

There are two types of these S41 and S42. One of them runs in clockwise circle and other one complements the first one and runs in anti-clock wise circle

RingBahn Berlin

So, what’s so interesting about the ring-bahn metro train in Berlin?

They cover most of the parts of berlin. So, if you decide to sit by the window and see berlin, you would almost more than half of the berlin within an hour and half. Getting a seat in German/ Berlin metro also called as Bahn is never a problem. People are very courteous and except for the office hours and weekends, trains run almost empty. I was wondering if had that been a case in Delhi metro then Half of the time would have gone in standing and holding the iron bars of the metro trains.

Anyway, to make it more interesting one can also take a ride in the night or evening to see Berlin at night. Mega cities like Berlin surely looks beautiful at night. However, during day, you will miss the burning berlin at night but you will have chance to see some of the greenest part of Berlin the ringbahn passes through.

A ringbahn railway line, Berlin

If you really want to have ultimate fun then grab a few bottles of beer and sit comfortably beside a window and drink on the run. That’s the idea, Tobias had suggested me.

Although our plan changed next moment and we went somewhere else but I took the ride ringbahn during daytime on a sunday and believe me the ringbahn ride was awesome. One should also try that.

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