AutoBahn drive from Berlin to Nuremberg Photos

Sam was from Heroldsberg, a small town near Nuremberg. On weekends, we often use to drive from Berlin to Nuremberg on his car.
I remember, it was the first time when we were going to his home. I was really surprised to know that he was going to drive around 450 Km from Berlin to Nuremberg alone. And that was the first time when I was introduced to the concept of AutoBahn.

Let’s talk about the Autobahn later. Let’s first talk about my surprise first. When I came to know that the drive of 450 Km from Berlin to Nuremberg in just 5 hours. I was really surprised.
Well, in India, the journey of 450 Km, even by an express train takes around 6-7 hours and by bus, it takes around 9-10 hours. A car might take 7-8 hours. But the same distance in Germany was being covered in just half the time and we were going to drive even faster than the fastest train in India, on an average.

But, I really wanted to experience that long road drive. Sam had a Mercedez car. I mentioned this because, for me, Mercedez had always been a class in India, even though it’s a taxi in Germany. We would usually start in the afternoon and reach Nuremberg by 7 and grab a beer and do a barbeque with his family.

Like the highways are numbered as NH in India which stands for National Highway, the same way, highway in Germany is numbered as ‘A’ followed by some number. So it looks like A9, A4 or something like that.

It’s A9 from Berlin to Nuremberg and we used to cross cities like Bayreuth, Hale, Ensberg etc. but the Autobahn never crossed through a city.

AutoBahn A9 pictures:

A9 authobahn from berlin to nuremberg Autobahn crossing a tunnel Autobahn during winter nights Autobahn in germany Autobahn in rainy season Autobahn sunset Near heroldsberg in Germany speed limit sign of 120 kph on autobahn in Germany Windmills along German autobahn

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