A visit inside Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral church)

After I arrived in Berlin, I was always fascinated by the European architecture because in India we get to see those architectures very rare. On top of that, after watching some movies like Angels and Demons, I was wanted to explore the secrets or at least see a part of them by myself. Over the internet when I read that Berlin was annihilated after the second world war and most the monuments and architectures were eating dust on the ground and Germany rebuilded them, my interested grew up more.

berlin cathederal church at night

freescoes inside berlin cathederal church

Berliner dom or Berlin cathedral church was one of my fascinations including the UNESCO world heritage site museum islands situated just beside the Berlin cathedral church. I could not get enough of this church and over my total stay of Berlin of six months, I went to this church thrice.

inside berlin cathederal church

berlin cathederal church berlin

Here is my experience of visiting the Berlin Cathedral church inside:

Berliner dom from outside:

From outside, the church looks like old even though it was rebuilt almost completely after the second world war. A big wooden door awaits you. I always love those doors, I don’t know why. That reminds me of the big wooden door of Bamberg Cathedral church as well. I think most of the cathedral church would have a big wooden door.
As soon as you push the door and step inside, a broad red carpet awaits your foot steps. That, more or less, feels like an entrance of a big and costly hotel. Then you go at the ticket counter. There are different ticketing systems for the different kind of tourists. Since I was a student at freie university berlin, I had a student id card with me and I was given a ticket of visit at discounted rate. International tourists have to pay the most almost double of the price that I paid and local tourists have to pay little lesser i guess. There is also a radio guide available at the counter and apart from that they give away a leaflet as a written guide to the church for free. In that leaflet, few of the important parts of the church are marked with some numbers and explained accordingly. So, that’s more like you have a map, a route guide and you explore the church one after another.

berlin cathederal

inside berliner tor

Dome of Berlin Cathederal Church from Inside:

Anyway, personally I was impressed by the dome of the Berliner dom. It’s very big and round in shape. If you walk in the center of the church and look up you will see the tomb just aligned above your head. The dom has some paintings of the historian and many people will tell many stories behind, or at least guess, after looking at the beautiful paintings. I did the same. Those paintings are actually called frescoes. These paintings are done on the lime stone and there is a particular technique behind it.

dome of berlin cathederal from inside

Dome of berlin cathederal church from inside

Wind pipe organ, a musical instrument at Berliner dom:

The second most impressive thing to see at Berlin cathedral church was the organ, I call that pipe organ. The organ is a kind of music instrument which I mostly found inside the church. A pipe organ consists of many wind pipes and it produces a nice music. The music is produced by a keyboard and a pedal board which are used to play the music tunes. Once, I was lucky to listen to that music inside the Berliner dom. After the music or I think before the music, the priest will come and recite some verse from the bible. And people will say “Amen!” I liked that par very much. Hundreds of people in suit-boot sitting inside a big church, pipe organ instrument plays and at the end everyone says Amen. There are many marble statues also forget not to take a look at them. Those are beautiful sculptures of the Berliner dom.

organ with many wind pipes at berlin cathederal church

wall sculptures berliner dom

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