Traveling Experience in Italy: Mystery And History

When I began planning my trip around Europe, Italy was the first country where I flew to. Somewhere in my mind, Italy wore one of those iconic beauties seeing which I have grown up. Italy reminds me of certain peculiar things which are deeply associated with me:

Ancient Architecture in Italy:

If Egypt & Jordan come first into my mind about the Pale ancient architecture like Pyramid, Petra and Roman Theatre then surely, Rome (and maybe Greece) comes into my mind with those magnificent white ancient & medieval buildings of Pisa, Churches in Europe (Also called by as Basilicas) and ancient architecture from the roman times. If you are really interested in knowing about these things, visit Palatine hill and Roman Forum in Rome.

Roman Forum in Noon

Roman Forum in Noon

Mystical Hollywood Movies Related to Myths and the medieval time war movies:

Be it Angels & Demons, Inferno, Lawrence of Arabia, 300 or Gladiator all the movies reminds me of the Romans. There was a church near the Palatine hill. I never expected that there would be a really beautiful church inside it. I have even visited the churches in the Europe.

I remember when I was inside the Berlin Cathedral Church in Germany and I had visited the Hohenzollern Crypt. They really look mysterious. Another time, I had visited a catholic church in Bamberg and the music being played was really mystical. If you really want to feel your connection with the mystery then go and visit the Vatican city. It’s a totally different experience.

Crypt Berlin cathederal church (3)

Crypt Berlin cathederal church (3)

A similar feeling goes for the Colosseum. It reminded me of the Gladiator movie. I almost imagined what would that had been like to fight like a Gladiator in that arena.

Mafia and GodFather:

I remember when I first landed in Rome, everywhere I saw, I was trying to decode a mafia in everyone who had a suspectical face with a mustache. The suspicion almost doubles up when they arrive in an old car or you are walking through a lonely street.

We were looking for a cheap hotel in Rome and we booked it little off from the main town beside a metro station. When we arrived the hotel, just outside the hotel, I enjoyed looking at the people and trying to pin a guess at them.

The land of romance:

Paris is not overrated but Italy, as a country, is surely underrated in terms of Romance. Try a Gondola ride in Venice or go for cycling on the romantic route in Italy. Or spend some time in Tuscany.

Italy has a little Indian in it or Vice Versa:

I can even prove that. So after a quite some time in Germany when I landed in Italy, I found that Italians did not follow the rules as much as the Germans. So, I was on my way to the Vatican City I guess. There was a red signal across the road but even there a little movement of the vehicle on the road but I found Italians were just like us. Look on the both sides of the road and just cross it if you feel you would be safe for next five seconds.

Based on my Stay in Italy and seeing different places, here a few things that I would suggest you do in Italy:

  • Visit Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine hill in Rome
  • Spend some time in Venice. If possible take an island tour and watch the sunset
  • Take a train from Venice to Vienna. This journey offers a lot of scenic beauty to relish.
  • Eat Italian dishes. Try Pizza with wine. You would love that.

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