Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival, Vancouver

The Vancouver Honda Celebration of Light is a week-long fireworks festival based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This festival featuring the world’s largest offshore fireworks competition on English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Originally named the “Symphony of Fire”, the Honda Celebration of Light has come a long way since 1990. Recognized as the longest running off-shore fireworks festival in the world, they have hosted dozens of countries to compete each year in a spectacular fireworks display. In 2022, the Honda Celebration of Light will be celebrating its 30th anniversary after two years of COVID Hiatus.

Watching the Fireworks

If you want to make the fireworks a life-time memory or you are planning to have a relaxed evening, you should surely buy the tickets. If you want to enjoy the fireworks free of cost, you should go to English Bay beach. Here are a few recommendations

  • Reach at least 2-3 hours in advance
  • Carry snacks and drinks along with a beach towel because it will be a long waiting time
  • There are road closures in effect since 6.00 or 6.30 PM. So if you are going by your car, try reaching there even earlier.
  • But I would recommend using the public transport. From there, the nearest station is Burrard, around 2.5 Kms

Other Celebrations

Celebration of Music

With multiple pop-up stages surrounding English Bay, there is a selection of BC-based talent performing from day to night.

Celebration of food

A wide selection of food truck offerings by local BC businesses.

2018 Honda Celebration of light fireworks

2019 Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks by Team Canada

2019 Honda Celebration of Light fireworks by Team India

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