Brohm Lake, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Brohm Lake is a part of Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest situated near Squamish, Almost 60 Kms from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky Highway. Brohm Lake is a popular hiking trail as well as a swimming lake for visitors and locals. Some of the major highlights of Brohm Lake Interpretive forest are the Brohm lake loop trail, Brohm lake powerline trail, Hatchery, and Tantalus viewpoints etc.

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Brohm Lake Parking

The parking spot at the brohm lake might get full very early on. So, it is recommended to go there early so that you can get a parking spot. Otherwise, on the weekends, people often wait an hour to get a parking spot.

Brohm Lake Swimming

There are tens of spots to swim. But most of the good swimming spots are on the east side of the lake or along the highway side. At a few spots, the bottom of the lake has stone and rocks and not sand, so, be careful when making a dive. There are a few spots with swinging rope too. Unfortunately, there are no sandy beaches around the Brohm Lake. You have to sit on the rocks and jump into the lake from the rocks at most of the spots.

Brohm Lake

Brohm Lake Hike

There are multiple hiking trails in the Brohm lake area but one of the most famous ones is the Brohm lake loop. If you are doing the Brohm Lake loop hike, most of the time, you will be hiking along the lake and also often along the Sea to Sky highway. The trail at some points is a bit technical because of the rocks and tree roots but overall, it’s easy.

If you are interested in getting the nice view of the nearby mountains, try taking the powerline trail because it has a lot of viewpoints from where you can see the Tantalus mountain ranges. On a clear day, you can even see many peaks. When hiking along the powerline trail, you can always see the powerlines above your head.

Tantalus Viewpoint

There are multiple small open and clear spots from where you can get a very nice and clear view of the Tantalus mountain ranges and their peaks. The trail goes down from here towards the end of the lake and towards the Hatchery. After the Tantalus viewpoint, you can either proceed to complete the Brohm lake loop hike or you can first go to Hatchery and then come back on the main trail to complete the hike. I would recommend going to the Hatchery though

Tantalus viewpoint, Brohm Lake


Once you start your hike towards the Hatchery, you mostly go down and the trail is mostly rocky. Once you cross the rocky section, the trail becomes flat until the Hatchery. On the way, there is also a little cave-like structure. It was fun going inside the little cave-like structure. Beyond this, the trail becomes easy and flat. The Hatchery was closed. So, we decided to spend some time near the Hatchery pond and have our lunch there before we decided to return the same way and complete the Brohm Lake loop hike.

Brohm Lake Hatchery Pond

Once you come to the other side of Brohm lake, the trail is pretty much flatter and goes along the lake itself. I found this part of the interpretive forest greener and denser. So, overall, I enjoyed this side of the hike more.

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