Bloom – The Tulip Festival in Abbotsford Near Vancouver, BC

Come Spring and flowers reach their full bloom. Streets of Vancouver get laden with Cherry blossoms and blooms of flowers in every nook and corner. The same time brings a perfect time to visit the tulip farms on the outskirts of Vancouver in Fraser Valley.

Bloom – The Tulip Festival near Abbotsford

Bloom is held almost every year near Chilliwack and Abbotsford where thousands of people flock on weekends to savor the color gradients of Tulips laid out in different color patterns. Spread across acres, these tulip farms give a surreal experience of the unfolding of Nature’s beauty.

Driving from Vancouver to Abbotsford

Driving to Abbotsford from Vancouver is a real treat to the eyes in the spring. Leave Vancouver and Fraser valley welcomes you with its open heart and hands. Soon, the city is left behind and on both sides of the Canada highway lies the vast Valley meadows with the lesser celandine. The lesser celandine is a native plant with yellow star-like flowers, 8 to 12 petals, and dark heart-shaped leaves. It seems as if these flowers have been sprinkled all along the highway.

Cows grazing lazily in the meadows, large green farms, mountains in the background and cold air sipping in slyly through the window makes the whole drive a drive to heaven. The one hour of the drive just flies by as if it just began and ended. And, soon on the left will be the Tulip festival Called Bloom.

Preparation tips for Bloom

  • Try to leave early from Vancouver so that you can avoid the traffic and people
  • Grab some breakfast on the way so that you have a happy belly and can focus your best on enjoying the Tulips
  • Make sure your camera is charged and you have your sunglasses hanging by your jacket
  • It is better to have online tickets beforehand so that you can avoid the queue

Bloom – The Tulip Festival

As you reach bloom, there is a huge parking space in front of the entrance. Parking should not be a problem. They have graveled parking and even if it rains, it does not get muddy. After parking, we proceeded to the festival. There was not a long queue. We showed our tickets on our mobile and we were let in. The tulip farm has several rows of flowers in different colors.

Tulip Rows at Bloom Abbotsford

You are not allowed to walk into each row. There are some designated rows in where you can walk into to take pictures. Mind that these rows could get soily and muddy if there has been a rain a day before and throughout the week. So, watch out for the weather and if necessary, carry boots. When we reached there, the soil was completely dry even it had rained a day before. I think we were lucky but that’s not the case all the time.

There are also strings around the rows to prevent people from entering in other than through designated points. Somewhere you will find Tulips completely bloomed and somewhere they have just begun to bloom. The air scented and aromatic with Tulip flowers smell. Roaming around the farm like a kid will take around 2-3 hours easily if you want to enjoy the sun, flowers, valley, people, and photography. If you are too much into photography, mind you, you might spend the entire day quenching your thirst of photography.

Some Photography tips from an amateur

  • Try to find an elevated point to capture the farms, those photos always look good. For example, the below one –

Tulips farms

  • Trying to take pictures opposite the sun might not capture the best colors and vibrant
  • Wear light-colored clothing if you are going for more pictures of yourself or as a couple
  • Some flowers give very nice pictures because of their color, contrast, and angle. such as the below one

Dark Maroon Tulips

  • If you are trying to capture a video of the tulip farms, walk along the rows, it gives phenomenal video experience.
  • Also, try to capture 360-degree pictures.

Other facilities at Bloom – The Tulip Festival

  • Some of the other facilities are
    • Washrooms
    • Food and snacks truck
    • I did not see any wheelchair facility
    • Photo points
    • Tulip farm where you can pick up tulips of your choice to make a bouquet. They make the bouquet and you have to pay $1 per tulip.

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