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When you first arrive for a massage, you are given some drinks to relax. Then the massage girls come with a big bowl of warm water where you dip your feet and wash it. This part is done before going to the massage room to make sure that feet are not dirty.

Thai massage

Once you reach inside the massage room, you are given special clothes undergarments kind of thing which you need to wear. rest of the clothes, you need to take out. The underwear that they give you is to make sure that your underwear do not stink or something like that.

The message starts with legs and slowly comes up. When it started and massage girls begin to rub coconut oil on my body, I found a root for that to India. In India, a mother rubs oil mostly mustard oil or dabur lal oil to new born babies. Massage girls rub the same way.

There are different kind of massages. It depends on what you want. For example, pure Thai massage involves stretching of the body. So you might find it strenuous. So, you might want to talk to the massage girls or at the reception about the kind of massage you want. For the relaxation, I think oil massage is the best massage. I took virgin coconut oil massage. Western people often get sunburn under the humid and tropical climate of Thailand. So many also go for the Aloe Vera massage.

Besides, in Thailand, you also need to choose the authentic massage shop. You will mostly find massage shops which are in the main town or streets are not so authentic. You will see girls calling you and you know why they call you. So you need to find a massage parlour with authentic Thai professionals.

Average cost of massage is around 250-400 Baht. Baht is the Thai currency.

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