A Visit to the Royal Palace, Buda Castle, Budapest


After Visiting Vienna, Budapest was next on our tour list. We had taken a bus from Vienna to Budapest. Since the exchange rate in Hungry is lower when compared to the other European countries, we found Budapest much cheaper than other cities and we decided to spend more time there. A visit to the Royal Palace inside Buda castle was first on our to do list. I am personally always fascinated by the history, architecture, palace, castle etc and as a Non-European, its even more fascinating for me.

Reaching Royal Palace, Buda Castle:

Buda Castle is situated on a small hillock. There are many attractions inside the palace, but all are not free. There are many ways to reach the Royal palace at Buda castle. We enquired around and found that one can either walk up the hill or take bus no.16 from across the chain bridge on Buda side or use the tourist funicular (kind of an elevator train). That was the first time when we came to know that Budapest is actually a combination of Buda and Pest which are two different cities divided by river Danube. So the Buda castle was on the Buda side of Budapest across the chain bridge.

Buda Castle Budapest Tourist funicular

Buda Castle Budapest Tourist funicular

The Bus ride from Chain bridge was through the narrow streets of Budapest. It just took around 5-10 minutes for a bus to drop us at the Buda castle main gate. Once you get down at the main gate of the Buda castle, you are greeted by a lot of stone sculptures and magnificent architecture of the palace.

Entrance to the Royal Palace, Buda Castle:

Royal palace at the Buda castle welcomes you with a grandeur of the statutes of the king from the medieval era doing hunting. You also see the big pillars and a large entrance of the door which is very beautiful. You can also see the green dome of the royal palace from outside as you enter.

Buda castle before entering

Buda Castle before entering

Lion’s Courtyard, Buda Castle:

Lion’s courtyard got its name from the four stone lions that guard its gate. You can see in the picture below a stone lion sitting near the entrance and guarding it. Lion’s courtyard comes just after you enter the castle. Lion’s courtyard is in the center of the building complex. These buildings complex have the Hungarian National Museum, the Budapest Museum of History and the National Széchenyi Library.

Lion's courtyard Buda castle

Lion’s courtyard Buda castle

National Gallery:

Royal palace building complex is now turned into national museum and library. But you will have to pay the entrance fee to visit the national gallery. National gallery and museum consists show mostly the Hungarian culture and how Budapest evolved over the time.

Buda Castle national gallery

Buda Castle national gallery

Savoyai Terrace, Buda castle:

Savoyai terrace is one of the most beautiful parts of the Buda Castle. The Savoyai Terrace boasts the best views of the city along the river Danube. Standing at the Savoyai terrace square one can see most of the famous monuments of Budapest like Hungranin parliament, the Gellért Hill, Chain bridge, the Monument of Liberty etc. The Terrace is in front of the Hungarian National Museum.

Buda Castle Savoyai terrace

Buda Castle Savoyai terrace

Danube river view from the Savoyai terrace, Buda castle

Danube river view from the Savoyai terrace, Buda castle

Medieval wall of the buda castle in the picture

Medieval wall of the Buda Castle in the picture

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I took us around five to six hours to visit the whole palace and its premises. You can also spend an entire day visiting the royal palace and other parts of the Buda castle.  Finally before coming down, we took a stop at the restaurant near the Savoyai terrace. We decided to walk down to the chain bridge from the Buda castle. Steps take you down to the main road in front of the Chain bridge.

Buda castle steps

Buda castle steps in the BG

Dining Experience in Budapest under Buda castle night view


It was a cold evening. I and Shayan after a day long walk around Budapest city felt tired. We were looking for a place to relax and spend some peaceful time while enjoying the beautiful evening in Budapest. Halo lights at Buda castle were turned on. The greenish water of the Danube river reflected the sunset sky in its flowing water. We had crossed the river from Buda side to Pest side of the city. For those who do not know, Budapest is a combination of two cities: Buda and Pest. Buda side of the city is situated to the west of the city and Pest to the East.

We had walked down from the Buda castle and crossed the iconic Chain bridge across the Danube river to the pest side. The evening was spreading her dark shawl over the city. We took a right turn after crossing the chain bridge and crossed a station called ‘Eötvös tér’. It’s a small railway station where tram shows up. We walked little further towards the North and there were a series of restaurants. The name of that street is ‘Belgrad Rakpart’. On this street, After the intercontinental hotel, there is a series of restaurants offering the view of the Buda castle across the Danube river. If you want to know the exact location of the area, here is on the google map:

Restaurants in Budapest Offering nice View of Buda Castle

The Ambience at the restaurant was very peaceful. They lit candles and dim lights all around the restaurants. Ships will be standing at the ferry point in the Danube river. However, they do not obstruct the view of the Buda Castle. Some street musicians will keep on playing very nice music to ears. We had ordered pizza for ourselves.

Yes! the food they serve is very nice. You can also book your dining on the ship tour. However, that will be little costlier I guess. So we stuck to eating there. Every restaurant has a menu card displayed at the street. So we didn’t find it difficult to choose the price according to our budget. However, the exchange rate at Budapest is much lower than Euros so it was not much difficult for us to have a nice luxury dining.

Here are some of the pictures of the Buda Castle in the night taken from the restaurants across the river:

Buda castle at night

Chain bridge, Budapest at nightChain bridge, Budapest at night

Dining in Budapest

Chain bridge at night in Budapest