Chokhidhaani chennai photoblog


Chokhidhaani Chennai Photoblog:

at the entrance of the Sangari (Dining Hall) at Chokhidhaani, Chennai

Dining hallChohidhaani Chennai at sunsetAt sunset
Chokhidhaani chennai boating
BoatingChokhidhani Chennai Dining hall
Dining hall from outsideChokidhani Entrance (2)
EntranceFire performance at Chokhidhani Chennai
Fire workMud huts at Chokhidhaani chennai
Mud hutsRajasthani cultural performance at Chokhidhani Chennai
traditional Rjasthani danceResting place after meal at Chokhidhaani, Chennai
resting place after mealTraditional style of food at Chokhidhaani CHennai
Traditional way of erving food
View while entering the place which is the pathway to boating and the rest of the village
Sunset at Chokhidhaani chennaiWelcome gate at Chokhidhani chennaiEntrance to chokhidhaani

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