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[su_quote]”Who brought this CPU here?” the teacher asked while everybody kept silent.
“I asked who brought this CPU here?”[/su_quote]
The same question was repeated again and again until Mark lifted his hands and came forward to face the teacher and give away some impacting replies. read on…[su_spacer]
[su_quote]”Sir, the CPU was kept there. I took and came.” That was surely a half answer.
“Who was there when you took the CPU?” the teacher wanted to know the truth.
“Sir when I went there, some people were standing there. I took the CPU and came back.”
“But, who were they?”
“they were standing there, so, I took and came.” ”
I asked who were they?”
“They were juniors.”
“Did you ask from any teacher?”
“No teacher was standing there.”
“Mark! meet me in the office.”[/su_quote]
[su_dropcap]S[/su_dropcap]o this story began something like this. We came to know that our housemaster was on leave for two days. He was going to Kochi with his son for some work. We were thrilled and our Peppy excitement had no boundaries. During the lunch time, all of the housemates decided that we will watch a movie after 12 in the night. But there was a huge problem in front of us. We had a monitor but no CPU. So we decided to borrow a CPU from the other house but without informing the teacher of the other house.[su_spacer]
Everything was going very well. The selected boys jumped the house walls and went to the other house and secretly took the CPU from there while everybody  was fast asleep there. Everything was connected and the movie was played. We had even put bedsheets on the windows’ panes to protect us from the security guard’s eyes. We had a plan to watch the movie AnnaBella.[su_spacer]
Before playing the movie, we had decided to lock the door of the office thus, sealing the way through which any other housemaster might come in. His wife was only there. As the movie went on we forget that the housemaster’s wife was still there in next room. We increased the sound of the movie. But we did not know that sound of the movie will put on a bad impact on her. [su_spacer]
Since that was a horror movie and different types of sounds and music were being played aloud, she took it otherwise. She thought that we were watching a B-grade movie as a student. She called up another housemaster and we were caught.[su_spacer]
But it was Mark who took the responsibility and told the exact truth so that he doesn’t loose his faith in us. Sir also trusted us and there was no further issue on this. We loved those two nights and the next  night when sir took the ghost out of us for breaking the rules and for bunking and bringing something from the other place without telling anyone.[su_spacer]
[su_quote]Today, when we think of that story, we laugh a lot. How just a wrong sound Impact can create the whole panic.[/su_quote]
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Jumping over the housewalls

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