Is Kapil Sharma Lucky for Chris Gayle & Saina Nehwal? But Not lucky Enough

We always wanted to see Chris Gayle’s blitzkrieg this IPL 2016 but somehow, Chris Gayle did not hit up in this IPL 2016. Until the final Chris Gayle had a scoreboard of something like this:

Chris Gayle ipl 2016 score before final

Well, this scorecard surely does not live up to the reputation of Chris Gayle who is often known as the six machine. And the spectators were dying to see Chris Gayle burn the wire.

Was Kapil Sharma lucky for Saina Nehwal?

I am a big fan of the Kapil Sharma and his show “The Kapil Sharma Show”. A few weeks earlier when Saina Nehwal was on the Kapil Sharma set, I read an article on Indian express and here is an excerpt from the website:

[su_quote url=””]A source from the set reveals, “Saina was seen having a gala time with Kapil and his entire team. Before the shoot started, she was chatting with the cast, when she was overheard saying that she considers Kapil as her lucky charm. The last time she was part of Kapil’s show, she had won the China Open. After being part of The Kapil Sharma Show, she hopes that she wins the Rio Olympics.”[/su_quote]

Kapil Sharma and Saina Nehwal

 Last week, Chris Gayle was there on the Kapil Sharma Show, I read another article on the Indian Express website about how Chris Gayle and Kapil Sharma share the same lucky number of 9.

Was Kapil Sharma Lucky for Chris Gayle as well?

Here is a statement from the Kapil Sharma about his lucky number:

[su_quote]“Just like Chris Gayle, 9 is my lucky number too. The number of the house I stay in Mumbai is 9 and so is the timing of our show.”[/su_quote]

Kapil Sharma and Chris gayle on the Kapil Sharma show

By the time, RCB had already reserved a seat into the IPl 2016 final. So, I decided to verify if Kapil Sharma was really lucky for the sportsmen and for Chris Gayle especially because of the two reasons:

  • They share the same lucky number and,
  • Chris Gayle had appeared on the Kapil Sharma show just before his final performance of IPL 2016.

As I saw the match today, I could really see that Chris Gayle has just a blast during the IPL 2016 final. Here is the screenshot of Chris Gayle score in IPL 2016:

Chris gayle score in IPL 2016 final

 And, it’s almost looked to me that Kapil Sharma is a LUCKY CHARM for the sportsmen.

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    Christopher Henry Gayle, OD is a Jamaican cricketer who plays international cricket for the West Indies. Gayle captained the West Indies


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