If I were Santa, I had distributed Adventure Sports to the kids of our Country. Know why…

Kids are the flexible bamboo twigs who can latch on almost everything. I remember when I was a kid, I was so adaptable to routines that seem so hard to engage now. Being an organizer, many times, I have organized trips and treks for kids on different requirements.
Sometimes it had to be an easy trek; sometimes it had to be an experiencing trek, and sometimes it was more like a learning trip. On those trips, I loved keeping tabs on their behaviors. One of the most wonderful discoveries I have made about the kids is that they are highly adaptable compared to people from other age groups.
The treks on which elders get worn out, kids are highly active along with more advertent eyes towards the conditions. Of course, I had love to distribute the sportiness of adventure travel to the kids if I were a Santa. And here are the reasons why:

Kids are exceptional discoverers:

Have you ever wondered about the creations that kids try to make out of the sand or the clay? Have you ever noticed at the eyes of the kids when they go out traveling? They run behind the butterflies. They own completely different views towards a flowing stream of water.
Despite the fact that they are cognitively, developmentally and even physically unprepared for most of what the world has to offer, children are the masters of jumping feet-first into unknown waters. They aren’t worried about meeting the pre-requisites for new activities. They say ‘yes’ first and then figure the rest out as they go. It’s a strategy us security-obsessed adults could learn a little something from. Kids are living proof that we don’t always have to be fully prepared in order to move forwards.


Kids surpass elders in terms of energy and enthusiasm:

Just keep them motivated and they are good to go. They hardly fuss about amenities available on the trek. There was a kid of one of our friends, throughout the trip, no one was more enthusiastic than him.

They enjoy more than anybody else:

Once we went to the Nagalapuram trek. This trek is famous for waterfalls and water pools. There was a kid from the US. Initially, he looked shy but when we arrived finally at the third pool, most numbers of jumps into the pool was made by him.


Kids are more thankful than anybody else:

It is very easy to entertain kids, maybe sometimes not. They hardly judge for anything else. At the end of the trek, you have one close friend than you thought. Scientists say one of the things that helps in friendship is an environment that encourages people to open up to each other. Because kids are generally more willing to self-disclose than adults (in any environment), they form close relationships quickly.

Psychologically you feel younger:

It is very easier to tune to the beats of the kids. Within minutes, you travel back into the time and you also feel like a kid.¬†Go for a walk with a kid and do the same with [an] adult … use the same route. You will be surprised at the different things you end up noticing and explaining about when you are with [a] kid. Age tends to make us oblivious to nature.

Kids are good source of positive social skills

They talk and talk but they never ill. even though unaware of the situations, they hardly overstep into the situation.


Because India needs more sportsmen:

Gone are those days when kids were made to study hard. There are more parents now in India who supports their kids in sports. There are young sportsmen who have performed better than ever before in sports. Time and India need more sportsmen.

Adventure sports are the best way of personality development:

Moral story books could be there for morality. Group activities could be there for social development, different courses could be there for different developments in the kids but adventure sports are the best options to inculcate sportiness, social mingling, leadership quality, taking responsibilities, morality, social development in the kids.


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