How to spend a day in Connaught place, Delhi?

Once Connaught place aka CP was the former location of the headquarters of the British Raj. Now it is one of the top heritage structure in Delhi. It has two circles one inner circle known as Rajiv Chowk and the outer circle is known as Indira Chowk.

The structure of CP is like a Mansion with big- wide pillars whole CP is painted in white, the structure is same as it was earlier but now a lot of offices, shops, and restaurants have been opened up. You will be surprised to know that it is the fifth highest priced market in the world.

Connaught Place

Connaught place is always a center destination for Delhiites and for me it’s like a second home every second day I am at Connaught place because this place can never bore anyone. Every time I go, I always find something new, a lot of options for shopping, eating, lounges, terrace restaurants, monuments, cinema halls and what not?

It has almost everything so every time a Parikarma is definitely required in CP. So I must suggest it is worth to spend a day in cp and as a lone traveler, it is a thrilling experience with whole full one day in cp. So, first of all, choose a day I think Sunday is perfect you can do following things if you have one day in cp.

Things to do in CP

Rahagiri in CP

This event takes place every Sunday where you can spend easily two hours you can do dance, aerobics, Zumba etc. you can even do cycling – one of the best ways to explore cp is bicycles. You can also do a lot of activities there. After that, it is 8 ‘o clock. Next Stop…..

Religious place

Visit a Religious place. Take an auto from A-Block ask him to take to hanuman road to pay a visit to ‘Hanuman Mandir’ as well as after that at Ashoka road you can go to  ‘Gurudwara Bangla Sahib’, ‘Sacred heart cathedral church’. It is good for the nice start of the day.


Since most of the restaurants have not opened yet you can enjoy tea and light snacks or pakoras near ‘Gurudwara Bangla Sahib’ and ‘Hanuman Mandir’ wherever you feel comfortable then leave from there.


Then you should go to see monuments in cp either go to ‘Jantar Mantar’ or ‘Agrasen  Ki Baoli’ both are best for the view in the morning. But for Agrasen Ki Baoli you have to take another auto for Hailey road. So do some photography and explore the history of Delhi.


It’s a shopping time even shopping destination in cp is very old so explore the markets buy some local product at cheap prices and if you are coming from Baoli you can go to Palika Bazaar. It is one of the largest markets to buy clothing and electronics at cheap prices but popularly famous for pirated CDs and fake designer products.


Now at this time, you will have a lot of options for you can go to ‘Madras Coffee House’  75 years old restaurant offers a large and different type of eating options it has two seating one inner and one in open. You can also opt ‘Sarvana Bhavan’ for amazing South Indian or ‘Rajdhani’ for North Indian or can lunch in ‘Sagar Ratna’ or  ‘Haldirams’. Even there is a large chain of posh restaurants that you can also try any one of them.

Still half of the day left…..

After lunch, you can go to have some dessert at


It is in A-Block best for pastry and cake lovers you can orderChocolate éclairsI bet you feel like heaven after eating it. It’s a good place and very hygienic.

In the afternoon you can explore

Old Building some old buildings like ‘Statesman House’ and ‘Scindia House’ or if you are a book lover you can go to ‘Oxford Bookstore’ to find latest editions as well as you can read here in peace as well. You have buying options also you can buy it from here or there are many booksellers on the footpath where you can bargain and can get your favorite book at cheap prices. While you can also see some sellers selling mobile covers, jewelry, Handicrafts also.

In evening

You can have tea at  ‘Cha Bar’  with some light snacks or you can go ‘Starbucks’ for some coffee or can go to Mc’d, Burger King , Subway etc  and if you are a shake lover you can go to ‘Shake Square’ (A-Block)  for amazing shakes and a lot of option.

Then go to CP Park where you can see a huge Indian flag will definitely bring patriotic feeling from you, enjoy sitting in the park and enjoy some fresh air and have some photography.

After that you can go to Lounge to have some drink in ‘Monkey bar’, ‘White waters café’, ‘Castle 9’ and many others or you can enjoy dinner at restaurants like ‘Bercos’ or in terrace restaurants to enjoy the night view of cp some of these restaurants are ‘Lord of Rings’ and ‘Desi vibes’ etc.

Still, the day is not over you can have

Cinema: You should go for some movies enjoy a night show at a cheap price you can go to regal or other options are ‘PVR Rivoli’, ‘PVR Plaza’ and ‘Odean’.

Outside Odean, you enjoy some paan also. That how I spent my day in cp and I hope you will also enjoy.

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