How to Optimize / Save Battery Power in Samsung S8 or S8 Plus Mobile Phones

Samsung S8 or S8 plus has been known for their many features. That’s why they have become one of the best mobiles that everyone wants to have. Keeping aside everything, battery still remains a concern for the S8 or S8 plus holders. So, I have come up with some tips on how to increase / optimize / save S8 or S8 plus phone battery life.

Optimize the connections:

  • Go to Settings -> Connections
  • Turn off all the services that you are not using such as Bluetooth, phone visibility, NFC & Payment etc.

Turn off all the services that you are not using such as bluetooth, phone visibility, NFC & Payment etc.

Optimize the GPS

  • Go to Settings -> Connections -> Locations and turn it on for a while to make the changes
  • Click on “Locating Method” and select “Battery Saving’
  • Go back. below Locating method, click on “Improve accuracy”
  • Turn “Wifi Scanning” & “Bluetooth scanning” off

Battery saving GPS to save power in s8

Optimize the Sounds & Vibration

  • Go to Settings -> Sounds and vibration
  • Disable some/ all the options that you do not need.

Sounds and vibration

Optimize Notifications

Notifications consume extra battery when not needed. They also keep on working in the background.

  • Go to Settings -> Notifications
  • Disable notifications for the apps which are not necessary to you such as Bixby, Galaxy Apps, Samsung Connect and other Samsung Proprietary apps

Disable notifications for the apps which are not necessary to you

Optimize Display to save power in S8

Samsung has given from HD+ to WQHD+ display in S8. Depending on the display and screen resolution, the phone consumes the battery accordingly. So, follow the tips below:

  • Go to Settings -> Display
  • Disable “Auto brightness”
  • Change the “screen mode” to “basic”
  • Change the “Screen resolution” to “HD+”
  • Enable “Keep screen turned off”
  • Change the “Screen timeout” to either 15 seconds or 30 seconds

keep screen timeout low to save battery in samsung s8

Optimize Wallpapers and themes

  • Go to Settings -> “Wallpapers and themes”
  • Select a darkish wallpaper of your choice. A light or brightish wallpaper consumes more battery.

use dark theme and wallpaper to save battery

Save battery using Device maintenance

Samsung has given an inbuilt function to save and optimize the battery power. There are a total of five option in the “Device Maintenance” (Settings -> “Device Maintenance”) and those are:

  • Battery
  • Performance mode
  • Storage
  • Memory and,
  • device security

I am going to cover only first four points under device maintenance but before that you can see “Optimize Now” button. Just click on it and it will automatically optimize the phone. Some of the functions which it performs are:

  • Closing any background apps
  • Freeing up storage space
  • detecting app crashes or any malwares etc.

Optimize now option device maintenance in S8

Battery in Device Maintenance

  • Go to Settings -> “Device Maintenance” -> “Battery”
  • Once you click on battery, you will see three different power saving modes namely
    • Off
    • Mid and,
    • Max
  • Choose the one that you want to use. I prefer mid because “Max” battery mode almost makes your mobile like a basic phone.
  • Below these power saving options, you will also see “Save Power” option. Clicking on it will put the running apps into sleep.

Save Power Option under battery in settings in S8

Know Battery usage to save power

  • Go to Settings -> “Device Maintenance” -> “Battery”
  • Click on “Battery Usage”. You can see here the recent battery usage by different apps based on your usage on last 7 days.
  • Once you know which apps are sucking more battery, do something about that.

Battery usage

Performance mode in Device Maintenance

  • Go to Settings -> “Device Maintenance” -> “Performance mode”
  • Select the option that you want. I prefer “Optimized”

optimized performance mode

Storage in Device Maintenance

  • Go to Settings -> “Device Maintenance” -> “Storage”
  • Click on “Clean Now”. It will free up storage by deleting unnecessary data such as cached, residual, and advertisement files.

clean the storage to save battery

Memory in Device Maintenance

  • Go to Settings -> “Device Maintenance” -> “Memory”
  • Click on “Clean Now”. It improves performance by cleaning up memory by stopping background apps.

Clean the phone memory to save battery

So, if you have realized, these individual options are combined in the “Optimize Now” function that we saw a few paragraph before.

Disable “Apps” to save power

By default, a new S8 or S8 plus comes with a lot of apps of which all are not necessary.

  • Go to Settings -> “Apps”
  • Click on any app that you do not want. Then you will see “Disable” option. Click on “Disable” to disable that app.
  • You can also re-enable the app from here if you want to, later.

Otherwise, you can also follow the steps below to disable an app manually.

  • Long press any app icon and you will see the disable option.
  • Click on “Disable” to disable the app manually.

Disable an app manually

Monitor Auto Sync to Optimize battery life

  • Go to Settings -> “Clouds and accounts” -> “Accounts”
  • Turn off “Auto Sync data”
  • Click on individual accounts. You will see “Remove account” option.
  • Remove the individual account which is of no use to you.

Remove accounts

Other options to save battery in Samsung S8

  • Turn off “Always on Display”
  • Turn off “Phone visibility”
  • Turn off “Sync”
  • Turn off”Edge Lighting”
  • Do not charge the phone overnight
  • Get rid of the unused apps
  • Keep the apps updated


Please note that if you make some or all of the above changes, please remember those changes. You might be needing those features in the future.

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  1. Apple Customer Service

    There are many ways to optimize the battery such as keep low the brightness, there is power optimizing option in the mobile use that, don’t operate too many apps at a time, and many more.


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