How Does Universal Respond to me in Different Ways? Helping heart or Karma?

I am the kind of person who believes in helping others though I have been betrayed many times before I stopped trusting people. I am also someone who believes that there is a bit of good in everything unless otherwise and who believes that if you do good, it comes back to you in many different ways. Many of the givebacks have come to me from my own people but the most remindful ones have come from strangers. I have hundreds of strangers stories who have helped me in a way or another and this story is just one them.

It was the first week of October. I was returning after attending the marriage of my one of closest friends not lesser to a brother. The evening before we had a lot of party and celebration. My flight was the next day early in the morning. We had early dinner but that turned out to be heavy drinking celebration. Anyways, I reached Hanoi airport and I had a severe hangover. More than the hangover, I was hungry too much.

I thought I would get breakfast in the flight so I was waiting for the boarding. I was trying to save some money but I was hungry on the other hand too.

A few minutes later, two Buddhist monks came and sat beside me. They looked calm as the sea and their face was bright as a halo. I continued looking at the tarmac and shooting some pictures. But I was equally hungry too. I sat and plugged in my earphone.

A hand touched me from my right and one of the monks offered boiled corn and yams to me. I was astonished as if the universe had heard my prayer. And how the hell did they know that I was hungry? There were many people around and they could have offered their meal to anyone. I was surprised yet immensely happy at the same time. He just smiled as if he was trying to say “It’s for you, have it.”

Two monks at Hanoi airport

In no time, I finished the entire corn while some yams were left. He kept on smiling while looking at me eating. Anyways, we talked and I requested to him for a selfie so that I can cherish that moment forever and publish on my blog too.

Food offered by monks at Hanoi airport

We talked. He was going to my hometown of Bodhgaya. That was another sweet surprised. Anyway, we crossed our way even in Bangkok to catch our flights before smiling finally at each other for the last time.

Here is the copy of the message that I sent to my friends immediately.


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