Health Benefits of White Tea

The recent years have seen a steady rise in the consumption of tea. More than just a mere tradition, it has now become a healthy habit, as tea has proven to have a lot of health benefitting and healing properties.

After green tea, one of the most popular healthy beverages is undoubtedly white tea. This type of tea is processed and harvested at a very early age, at a time when the leaves are not completely open and the buds are still covered in white threads, hence the name white tea.

Apart from its wonderful taste, there are numerous health benefits associated with white tea –

White tea benefits

Antioxidant agent in the White Tea

There are free radicals present in the human body that can cause damage to internal organs. White tea contains polyphenols- an antioxidant agent that helps to neutralize the free radicals so that they prove to be less destructive to the body. The antioxidant properties of white tea fight the aging process and cleanse the body thoroughly by getting rid of unwanted chemicals.

White Tea Prevents Cancer

Similar to green tea, white tea also has the properties to prevent certain types of cancer such as lung, prostate and stomach cancer. The flavonoid content in the tea can stop the spreading of cancer cells. Various research suggests that white tea is an anticancer and chemopreventive agent that can induce death of cancerous cells and also prevent the formation of new ones.

Skin and oral care

White tea helps to maintain healthy and youthful skin, along with improving oral health. It has the ability to quickly repair and recover damaged skin. Moreover, it also protects the skin from the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays.

White tea

The presence of polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth that may be a reason for the formation of plaque in teeth. Also, the fluoride present in white tea is helpful in preventing cavities or tooth decay.

White Tea is Good for the heart

The blood thinning property of white tea is one of its most widely known health benefits. It helps to prevent the blood cholesterol from reaching dangerous levels. The flavonoids also help in decreasing the blood pressure. Consuming white tea can thus reduce the risk of several cardiovascular diseases and keep the heart in good health.

White Tea helps in weight loss

Studies have suggested that drinking white tea prevents adipogenesis (the process of formation of fat cells) and controls the life cycle of these fat cells, thus promoting weight loss. White tea is also less processed compared to other types of tea, and therefore retains more of the properties that are responsible for burning excess fat.
Moreover, drinking white tea is a much better choice than having aerated drinks or any carbonated beverage that lead to weight gain.

It Boosts the immune system

Antibacterial substances called catechins are present in white tea that boost the immune system and provide protection from most viruses that are airborne.

White tea tastes the best when brewed in fresh water for 5-6 minutes so that the full flavor is extracted from the tea leaves. Including this healthy beverage in one’s regular diet is a great way for natural detoxification of the body.

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