Best valentine day ideas to avoid Hindu Mahasabha trouble

With Valentine day approaching, it will get harder for lovers, day after day, to avoid Hindu extremists crusade who love to catch couple “red-handed”. I remember one comment from one of the episodes from “Satyamev Jayate” by a young-hearted old man. His opinion was enemies of the love are those who were once a big failures in love themselves. Makes sense to me. Valentine day is the only day when these people feel empowered. Call it to their 364-days long frustration that they wait for their D-Day.

In one regard, I met a guy who was an extremist last year and this year, he is planning to sneakout from his clan where he once belonged to. Finally he could manage to fall in love after years of hardship.

So below is the list of places where an extremist think, other extremists can not catch him.  Remember! Diamond cuts diamond.

Note: The following advices are from a used-to-be-an-extremist heart, now fallen in his first love, are irrespective of the caste/ class/ creed of the society. The conclusive list of the solution range also from “cheap & best” (which we Indian always search, ask and look out for) to the lavish solution (Some of us really do not mind spending money for their love). I think, only a sniper can beat a sniper because he knows the moves.

1. San Gimignano – The Imperial or Sri Hari Vaishav shuddh Shakahari hotel:

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Go to restaurants or hotels which are famous and not affordable by all, like Taj vivanta or 361 degree- the oberai. According to him, choose the restaurant/ hotel name with “Videshi” touch in their names. The harder its for the names to pronunce, the more weight they carry. For example, “San Gimignano – The Imperial” is not only hard to pronounce but also carries the word “imperial” which further adds gravity to the restaurant’s name. Just by reading this name, poor extremists would be forced to rethink over their decisions before they plan to enter.

On the other hand, a name like “Sri Hari Vaishav shuddh Shakahari hotel”, all along carries the two names of the God in it. On top of that, the word “shuddh shakahari” (pure veg) purifies the non veg thoughts of the extremists. So, you are safe here too. A cheap and best solution.

2. Go to remote locations Hindu Mahasabha can’t afford:

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Source: Internet (Not all can afford these places)

Plan for a holiday tour to remote locations. Flying to these places would burn a hole in their pockets. How can a group of 50 extremists would manage to fly to Havelock island or Minicoy?
first, going there needs a good planning and execution too. Going there would not only solve the problem. They need to have an accomodation, food facility and a special ship to execute their mission from islands to islands.

3. Go to locations semi-naked beaches:

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Source: Internet (Sharm-o-haya hi naree ka gehna hai :P)

Read this paragraph and you would know what greenery is.
Personally, I  find this idea very creative too. Imagine you are also celebrating a cozy warm valentine day amid other foreign tourists who are sun-bathing. Yeah right, sun bathing. For a moment, for the “young” extremists who are the hard believers of “Sharmo haya hi Naree ka Gehna hai” (Modesty and shyness are the ornaments of a woman), it would be odd to apply desi thoughts on videshi.
Would not it look odd when 50s of extremists are standing fully covered in saffron on a beach where hundreds of people are semi-naked and enjoying the beach? Looking at the foreigners would further make them confused as to if peacefully enjoy the day or contradict their Naree-sharmo-haya belief.

4. Go for an Extreme/ Adventure sport with your Valentine:

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Source: Internet (They can’t catch you in air)

If you are planning for an adventure sport in Manali or scuba diving on Natrani island or night camping in the desert of jaisalmer, without any hesitation plan for it. It has got double side advantages. First, it would be hard for them to book IRCTC or a big bus to these locations. Even if they reach there, they will have to carry a lot of wollens and sports gears (Like if they plan to catch you mid air while bungee jumping, they should also be hanging side by side of you) and that would again make it difficult for them to manage so many adventurous couples at the same time.

5. Go for Natural place where you get Natural shield:

Source: Internet (Get natural shield on Valentine’s day )

Go for a short trek (not the famous once); for a cave exploration; go for a long drive through reserve forests; go for a cycle ride through tea estates. These places provide you a natural shield.
These ntural places are hard to tap to and on top of that, they have a vast labyrinth of unknown paths. So even if they see you just 500 feet away in the tea estates, do not worry. It would take a lot of time to them to find the correct route to you and reach you.
Be remembered! you should go to only those places where you are sure of the route. If the game turns other way around, you might get locked in between two groups.
The list is not yet completed. There are suggestions for couples who are religious and spiritual by their hearts too.

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