Mauritius Visa on Arrival & Health Declaration Form Guide for Tourist visa

Here is a complete guide for the tourists traveling to Mauritius for Visa on Arrival procedure and all the required documents needed.

List of required documents for Visa on Arrival in Mauritius:

  • Return flight ticket: A flight return ticket showing the departure from Mauritius within 30 days
  • A valid passport:  A valid passport is a passport which is valid for the next six months. That means It should not expire in next six months. Every passport will have an expiry date at the back of it. Just make sure that the passport is not expiring within next six months.
  • No Photos are needed
  • There is no visa processing fee
  • Also, no evidence of sufficient funds during the stay has to be shown to the authorities.

Mauritius Visa on arrival procedure:

Before I start explaining, there are two kinds of forms that I would be explaining, one is Mauritian Disembarkation Card also known as “Fiche De DebarQuement” in French and another is the health declaration form for incoming passengers. It also is known as “Declaration Sanitiare Pour les Passegers A L’ Arrivee” in French.

Mauritius Visa on Arrival card - Disembarkation Card

You get both of the above-mentioned forms in the flight itself. Both are required to be submitted to the Mauritian immigration counter at the airport when you land in Mauritius.

Once you board the flight to Mauritius, you will be given both of these forms (immigration form & health form) in the flight. Just fill it and keep that safe. No need to carry a pen from your side. You also get a pen in the flight. Both of these forms have two parts. So fill out the details accordingly. Both of them are easy forms.

If you do not know what to fill or how to fill in the immigration form or the health form, ask someone or maybe your Indian co-passenger. Once you land, immigration area is the first place where you go with both of these forms. At the immigration area, you will be asked to show your return ticket along with the Mauritian Disembarkation Card.

They might also ask you one or two more questions such as “Is this your first time?” “When are you planning to return?” but the people at the immigration counter are really friendly and ready to help. Then you move forward from there with the health declaration or health checkup form which you submit to another counter. And that’s it. Now I guide you on how to fill up both of these forms.

A step by step guide on how to fill Mauritius Immigration form / Mauritian Disembarkation Card:

Mauritius Disembarkation card back - Visa on arrival immigration form

As you can see at the front that there is a nice welcome without any field to fill. There is also a Dodo bird on the front page of the Mauritius immigration form. When you turn around, that’s the back side of the immigration form. Now, I explain you the fields that have to be filled in the form. It’s pretty easy.

Flight No:

It is already given on your boarding pass/ ticket


A surname is your last name or your family name. For example, if your name is Ananda Prakash Varma then Varma will be your last name or family name. Ananda Prakash will be your first name and middle name respectively. If you still feel doubtful, you can refer your passport’s last page. This information is usually available there as well.

Rest of the fields are self-evident. So, from now, I will only guide on those fields where most of the people feel confused.

Street/ Town/ City:

On the immigration form, you shall have to fill in the address in form of street and town. You can fill in your present address. It might happen that your passport was issued on a different address. But you need to fill in the present address of yours.

Port of Embarkation:

Port of embarkation is the name of the airport from where you took the flight to Mauritius. For example, you started from Bangalore but you took the flight to Mauritius from Mumbai then in this case, Mumbai is your port of embarkation.

Address during Stay:

Here you can fill in the address of the hotel where you are going to stay. If you are staying at the more than one place then you can fill in the first address where you will stay. In case, you have not booked your hotel, then you can fill in the intended hotel address where you might be staying.

Health Declaration form – Mauritius Visa on Arrival

After the Mauritian Disembarkation form or the immigration form, you need to fill the Health Declaration form. This form is really easy and self-evident to fill. The only field where people feel confused is “Resident or Non-Resident”. It is simple. If you are a resident of Mauritius, tick it. Otherwise, tick “Non-Resident”

Mauritius health declaration form Mauritius health declaration form back

That’s it. Have a nice holiday.

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