Searching a GPS trekking trail in south India on google map

 1. You should know the name of the peak (works most of the times) where the trail should lead to or reserve forest range (works seldom)

Ex: Kumara Parvatha hiking trail (Because the trail leads to Kumara Parvatha)
Mullayanagiri – Manikhyadhara – Bababudangiri, Inam Dattathreya Peeta, Karnataka (Because the trail starts from Mullayanagiri and ends at Bababudangiri via Manikhyadhara waterfalls)

2. Let google auto-complete work:

Do not directly search with a peak name followed by hiking trail, it might not always work. So type the peak name slowly and let Google autofill the search, if you see any hiking trail suggestion, try that suggestion

Google auto-completes the Kumara Parvatha hiking trail search in Google map

Here, Google auto-completes the Kumara Parvatha hiking trail search in Google map

3. Use “walking” option for hiking trail search always

It may so happen that the peak is also accesible by vehicles so use the walking option in the google map search instead of driving or other options

4. Understand how google connects two places

Mullayanagiri hiking trail named after destinations

Walking option and trail named after places they connect

With driving option, you would see a blue thick line connecting places while with walking option, you would see a dotted line connecting places

5. Learn to zoom in as much as possible and try to connect the places

Suppose you want to trek to the Kodachadri peak but you do not know the trail. Search for Kodachadri peak in google maps and zoom in until you see a gray line/ trail to the peak. Once you have found the grayish line, try to follow that line and connect that with other places.Kodachadri peak and trail near by

6. Search, Research and connect more…..

Just knowing about the peak or the reserve forest might not be enough. Some treks/ trails are defined by the local village/ area name. Thus, try to search for that village name after you search for the peak.
Sometimes, on the way to the peak, there are some famous local houses along the hiking trail and they are also marked on the google map, try to look out for those houses; just to get the idea.

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