Rajgad Fort Trek From Pune and Mumbai

Rajgad trek or Rajgad fort trek is one of the most famous forts treks in Maharashtra and popular among trekkers from Pune and Mumbai. It is also one of the famous road trips from Pune.The distance between Rajgad fort and Pune is 50 Kms South and Distance between Rajgad fort and Mumbai is 200 Kms towards South East.

Rajgad fort trekking Guide:

There are two main trekking routes for the Rajgad fort. You need no guides and permission for that. You just need the Google Map installed on your mobile device and you are ready to go for the trek. Here are the Rajgad trekking routes:

Best time to trek Rajgad fort: After monsoon

Rajgad trekking guide from Pali Side:

Just search on Google maps for “Raajmarg, Pali, Maharashtra 412213” and you will see a driving route on the Google Maps from your place.

Rajgad fort trek distance from Pali side: around 2.5 Kms
Time to trek: Almost an hour

  • ‘Raajmarg’ is the name of the road connecting ‘Dardige wadi village’ to the ‘Rajgad fort’
  • Pali is another village en route from Dardige wadi to Rajgad fort.¬†Also, Pali village is the base village for the Rajgad fort trek where you can park your vehicle.
  • Once you park your vehicle, ‘Raajmarg’ or a straight route takes you to the Rajgad fort. This trek route is easier and takes you straight to the main door of the Rajgad fort.
  • You can also get water bottles and other eatables near the parking stand and in the village.
  • You can also hire a guide from Pali village

Rajgad fort trekking guide from Gunjavane Side:

Just search on Google maps for ‘Gunjavane, Maharashtra‘ and you will get a driving route to Gunjavane village.

Rajgad fort trek distance from Gunjavane side: around 5.5 Kms
Time to trek: Around 3 Hours

  • Gunjavane village is another base village for the Rajgad fort trek.
  • From Gunjavane, trek to the Rajgad fort is a ridge walk and on the way, you will see a lot of scenarios, valleys and plateaus
  • Fort is visible from Gunjavane village and you also get snacks and water bottles at the base village

Rajgad fort trek camping information:

The Padmavati temple on the fort can accommodate around 50 people. Water tanks, lake Padmavati, at the Rajgad fort provide freshwater all throughout the year.

  • Villagers sell firewood for rupees 50 to 100 at the fort.
  • Over the weekends, you can also get local snacks at the fort.

Places to see on Rajgad fort:

  • Balekilla (The highest point)
  • Janani Mandir
  • Padmavati temple
  • Padmavati lake
  • Padmavati Maachi
  • Main entrance gate from Pali side

Rajgad Fort to Torna fort trek:

You can also trek from Rajgad fort to Torna fort if you really want to have an adventure. Total trek distance is around 12 Kms and it will take an entire day to reach Torna fort. So you can start in the morning from the Rajgad fort and stay overnight and pitch your camp at Torna fort.

Rajgad fort to Torna fort trek route

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    Thank you for information. Very detailed. Are there parking slots in Pali village ? If not can we park our vehicles safely ? Planning for a night stay at the fort.


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