Purandar fort Traveling and Trekking guide

Purandar fort trek is situated 60 Km South and 200 Km SE of Pune & Mumbai respectively. Its one of the famous treks around Pune. Located in Pune district, this fort in Maharashtra takes its name from Purandar village. Purandar village is situated at the bottom of the fort. There is a direct road which goes to Purandar fort. Purandar fort traveling information is given below in full details:

How to reach Purandar fort?

Distance from Pune: 60 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 200 Km

Driving to Purandar fort:

Just search on google maps for ‘Purandar fort and Google maps will show you a road until almost the top of the fort. There is a parking space inside the fort.

Purandar Fort is currently under the control of Army forces. The fort closes at 5 pm every day. Once you reach the gate of the fort, you will have to produce your ID before entering. If you are on a bike, make sure you wear a helmet.

From the vehicle parking place, it will take around 45 minutes to go to the top. Since fort closing time is 5 PM, make sure you reach around three hours before the fort gate closing timings. Sometimes the army people could be rude and say that you would not be able to visit the whole fort if you reach by 3 PM.

So have ample time before you reach there. From fort base, you would not be allowed to carry mobile phones and camera with you. Those need to be deposited near the entrance gate.

Purandar fort History:

There is a temple of Narayaneshwar at the base of Purandar fort in Narayanpur village which is said to be 1000 years old. Narayaneshwar temple was built by Yadavas. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

It is said that Persian invaders invaded this area and made the Purandar fort at the hill-top in 1350. To prevent Purandar fort from falling, a man and a woman were buried alive under one of the fort bastions to appease its patron deity.

The story is not only limited to normal people. It is said that the king of Berar then ordered his minister to bury a firstborn son and his wife into the foundation of the bastion. This was promptly done and after a further offering of gold and bricks.

When the bastion was finished, the minister was given possession of the fort and the father of the sacrificed boy was rewarded with two villages.

Purandar fort has witnessed many tussles between Shivaji and Aurangzeb. There is also a church at the Purandar fort. It is believed that when British captured this fort, they made a church at the top.

Places to see at Purandar fort:

  • Statue of Murarbaji Deshpande
  • Church
  • Kedarreshwar temple
  • Fort Vajragad view

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