Pratapgad fort traveling and trekking Guide

Pratapgad fort trek is 150 Km and 225 Kms south of Pune & Mumbai respectively. Known for the battle of pratapgad, located in Satara district near Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgad fort is a popular tourist destination as a weekend gateway from Pune mainly. Pratapgad traveling and trekking information is given below in full details:

How to reach Pratapgad fort?

Distance from Pune: 150 Kms
Distance from Mumbai: 225 Kms

Driving to Pratapgad fort:

Just search on google maps for ‘Pratapgad Parking, Pratapgad, Maharashtra’ and Google maps will show you a road until the base of the Pratapgad fort. There is a big parking space there and usually crowded on the weekends. The road ends at the base of the fort.


Pratapgad fort trekking information:

Base of the trek: Pratapgad parking
Best time to trek: Winter (September to March)
Height: 3543 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy
Time to trek: Almost two hours

There is not much of trekking here. There are 450 steps from the base of the fort to the top. It depends upon the stamina of a person in reaching the top. Take plenty of water. At the parking lot, you can find water and snacks.

Camping on Pratapgad fort:

You can camp at the top. Carry your own tents on the weekends as the temple on the top will usually be crowded and there would be much space left for sleeping inside the temple. So its a better idea to pitch your tent at the top.

Pratapgad fort History:

The main purpose of construction of the Pratapgad fort was to defend the banks of the Nira and the Koyna rivers, and to defend the Par pass by Shivaji. Construction of the fort was completed in 1656. Pratapgad is famous for the famous Battle of Pratapgarh. This battle was fought between Shivaji and Afzal Khan. During British era, Pratapgad fort also witnesses the Third Anglo-Maratha War in 1818. However, Pratapgad had to surrender and that was a great setback to the Maratha forces, as Pratapgad was an important stronghold, had a large garrison. Revering the valour of the warrior Shivaji, a 17-foot high equestrian bronze statue of Shivaji was unveiled by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India in 1957. This statue of Shivaji can still be seen while climbing to the Pratapgad at the beginning. The fort is currently owned by Uday Raje Bhosale, the heir of the Satara princely state.

Places of interest around Pratapgad fort:

  • Entrance to the fort
  • Watchtowers
  • 17-foot high equestrian bronze statue of Shivaji
  • Afzal Buruj
  • Bhavani Temple
  • Afzal Khans Tomb
  • Canon at the top
  • Rahat Lake – Biggest lake on the fort
  • And, spectacular view of the Sahyadris hills around the fort.

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