Narasimha Parvatha trek blog/ Agumbe Ghat route Guide: Sringeri

Narasimha Parvatha often called as Agumbe is known to be the land of snakes and is one of the most famous Western Ghats treks in Karnataka. It is also called heaven for the wildlife photographers who are interested in snakes photography. Here are the more trekking details to Narasimha Parvatha or Agumbe Ghar trek. This blog is only about the Narasimha Parvatha/ Agumbe peak trek from Kigga or Sringeri side.

Narasimha Parvatha Trekking Details:

There are two trekking routes to the Narasimha Parvatha.
1. Malandur to the Narasimha Parvatha Peak from Agumbe side; 13 Kms; difficult; 8-9 hours
2.  Kigga to Narasimha Parvatha Peak from Sringeri side; 5 Kms; Medium; 4-5 hours
3. Distance from Bangalore: 360 Km

How to Reach Agumbe from Bangalore?

Bangalore (by bus; 9 hours)- Sringeri (By local bus; 1/2 hour)- Kigga (Trek begins) …Bangalore to sringeri bus timings

Camping site: Old house nearer to the Peak
Best time to Trek: Sept- Feb
Permission: Yes, needed nearer to the peak from forest department (Better ask at Kigga forest office)
Water source: Not on the way; only closer to the peak

Agumbe Trek details:

Kigga to forest starting point: 1 Km (25 mins)
Inside the forest: 2kms (2.5 hours)
Forest to the top on the grassy plain: 3 km (3 hours)

Narasimha Parvatha GPS Trail

Agumbe Ghat Trek Contact Details:

Forest Guard, Ramchandrappa: 08181277638, 08181233042
Mr. Krishnappa (Guide): 08181292021

Mr. Thimmappa (Guide): 08181233213/ 08181-292253/233219
Timmappa :mobile : +91 9483496142
Puttappa (Govt guesthouse Manager):9449244049

Agumbe Trek Plan:

Start from Bangalore. Reach Sringeri. Reach Kigga. Ask forest department either before coming to Kigga or ask right there. Take permission. Start the Trek. No water points midways. Camp at the peak. Return next day. Catch bus to Bangalore in the evening.Narsimha Parvatha Trek Agumbe

What to carry on Narasimha Parvatha trek?

– A light and strong backpack.
– Extra pair of clothing packed in garbage bags to make it rain proof.
– Tents, Sleeping bag and sleeping mat (optional) (personal)
– Toilet paper, mouth wash, hand wash
– Water bottles (at least 2 liters each), energy drinks ex glucose/ energy bar/electrolyte
– Windcheater & warm inner
– Personal camera, Torch, Mobile & sufficient battery back up
– ID card, sufficient cash and emergency contact info (personal)
– Iodex spray, cramp bandage & personal medication
– petrol (for making fire) and matchbox/ lighter (shared)
– lightweight utensils, disposable cups & plates. eatables to cook up there
– slippers to roam around at top (personal), salt/ snuff powder to avoid leeches

Agumbe trek Narsimha Parvatha

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  1. Arun

    Hi any body interested for Narasimha parvata trekking pls let me know we will arrange trekking and near by tourism place with reasonable price with knowledgeable guide and food nd accommodation nd homestay at agumbe pls reach below contact
    Contact number:8550889115 nd 6361999921

  2. A Sunil

    Hi am Sunil narasimha parvatha trekking guide in last 5years
    Provides to all fesility food and car parking and fire camp

  3. A Vinay Agumbe

    Hi am Vinay Agumbe narasimha parvatha trekking guide in last 3years interested people contact me

  4. Avin agumbe

    Krishnappa is dead 3 years back I am recently 5 year enda narasimha parvatha treking guide sorrunding near agumbe all place contact no.8277411618.

    Turist vehicle and ? camp is allowed in mallandur village

  5. Avin agumbe

    Krishnappa is dead 3 years back I am recently 5 year enda narasimha parvatha treking guide sorrunding near agumbe all place contact no.8277411618.

    Turist vehicle and ? camp is allowed in mallandur village

  6. Manohar trivedi

    We were planning this month..but when we called the Forest Guard Ramchandrappa, he told no permission will be given for trekking. So will we get permission if we directly go there and ask them??

  7. Ganesh

    Please do not call Jagganath (range officer): as he is transferred to Sullya. He is upset of repeated calls , But thanks to him as he has given the below additional numbers 🙂

    The other Numbers what I got from him was:

    Ask for Forets guard ramchndrappa


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