Naneghat Trek from Mumbai and Pune

Naneghat trek, a part of Ghatghar forest, is 110 kms NE of Mumbai and 150 Kms North of Pune. Naneghat trek is a 5 km one day trek and can also be accessed by a motorable road until the hill top. Naneghat trek information is given below in full details:

How to reach Naneghat trekking point?

Distance from Pune: 150 Kms
Distance from Mumbai: 110 kms

Naneghat trek ends on Naneghat point which is a part of Ghatghar forest. One can easily drive to the Naneghat hill top or you can also drive to the Naneghat trek starting point and from there start your trek and reach Naneghat by trekking. To reach the Naneghat trek starting point, search “Naneghat trekking point” on Google maps and google maps will show you the exact place.

Naneghat trek

Naneghat trekking information:

Base of the trek: Naneghat trekking point
Best time to trek: Winter (September to March)
Height: 2250 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy
Time to trek: 1-2 hours

Once you reach Naneghat trekking point, there is a proper trail from there taking you to the Naneghat. This trail is pretty easy and is five kilometers. Naneghat trekking point just starts off the Ahmednagar-Kalyan road. There are two or three small shops. You will also see a big sign board. The trail passes through some patchy forest and mostly dry terrains. So please carry sufficient amount of water. Naneghat is actually the name of a location at the hill top from there you get the awesome views of the valleys around. When you reach towards the end of the trek, you will see a high point in front of you. You will have to climb to the hill top. The climb is easy but little yet little technical. After you climb to the top, you will also see a motorable road coming until the top. As mentioned before, Naneghat can either be trekked or reach by motors. From Naneghat, you will also see Jivdhan fort towards south or your right while doing the Naneghat trek.

Camping on Naneghat trek:

Naneghat trek is not so popular for camping.

Places of interest on Naneghat trek:

  • Valley view from Naneghat
  • Jivdhan fort
  • Jivdhangad darwaja
  • Bhairavnath temple
  • Caves at the top

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