Ghangad Fort: Travel & Trek Guide from Mumbai & Pune

Ghangad fort trek is an easy trek 100 kms east of Pune and 120 Kms South east of Mumbai. Ghangad fort is a part of Tamhini Ghat in Sahyadris range of Maharashtra. Ghangad fort trek information in detail is given below:

How to reach Ghangad fort trek?

Distance from Pune: 100 Kms
Distance from Mumbai: 120 kms

There are two things to know to reach the Ghangad fort trek. First thing is the route map. First you need to go to the base village. Search for “Ekole village” and you will get the route. Second thing is the route map. In knowing the Ghangad fort trek route map, you are little luckier. Search for “Ghangad trail” on google map. You will see a trail going from Ekole village to the Ghangad fort on the google map. Just download the map and you are good to go. Here is how you use google map for traveling prupose.

Ghangad fort trek

Ghangad fort trekking information:

Base of the trek: Ekole village
Best time to trek: Winter (September to March)
Height: 2500 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy
Time to trek: 1-2 hours

Ghangad fort trek is an easy trek. However before you begin with the trek, make sure you have ample amount of water and other needed stuffs. Because the Ekole village is very small, expect not to find anything in village shops.  Responsible trekkers have installed some ladders on the trail which surely makes the trail easy to climb up the hill. Also the view from the top is just breathtaking.

Camping on Ghangad fort trek:

You can also use tents for the same. Know what kind of tent you need on such trek. Ghangad fort trek is one of the most ideal trek for camping. Reason being flat space at the top; good shelter from winds and caves for campfire and making dinner.

Places of interest around Ghangad fort:

  • Caves and cliffs

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