Dhodap Fort: Travel & Trek Guide from Mumbai & Pune

Dhodap fort trek is a hard level trek 270 km north of Pune and 230 Kms Northeast of Mumbai. Dhodap fort is the second highest fort after Salher in Maharashtra and a must do the trek for the trekkers. Dhodap fort trek information in detail is given below:

How to reach Dhodap fort trek?

Distance from Pune: 270 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 230 km

One can use Google map to find a pretty clear route map from Mumbai or Pune to reach Dhodap fort trek. You cannot drive to the peak. So better search for Hatti village on google map where you park your vehicle before the commencement of the trek.

Dhodap fort trekking information:

The base of the trek: Hatti village
Best time to trek: Winter (September to March)
Height: 4750 feet.
Difficulty level: Medium
Time to trek: 3-4 hours

Dhodap fort trek is seen as a technically not so easy trek. There are patches of rocks where you need to use ropes for crossing the patches. The terrain is dry and you might also need a lot of water as you ascend up the trek. Drive to the base village of the Dhodap fort trek called Hatti village. Ask any villager about the trek route and they should be able to guide you to the Dhopad fort trek.

Dhodap fort trek

Camping on Dhodap fort trek:

Since Dhodap fort is situated a little distance from Mumbai and Pune, you cannot drive back in a single day so camping becomes a necessity. It’s also worth to camp at the fort top after a tiring trek. The reason being you will be able to see a lot of terrains almost like grand canyon from the peak. You can also use tents for the same. Know what kind of tent you need on such a trek.

In case, you do not want to camp at the pea, you can use the villager’s front yard for the same but you need to ask them before you use theirs. However, you want to just do the trek than in the evening, you can drive back to Nashik and make a stay in some resorts or hotel and visit the city next day before leaving to Pune or Mumbai

About Dhodap fort:

Dhodap fort is close to the city of Nashik and it does not fall under wildlife sanctuary or reserve forests. However, it lies in the Sahyadris range of hills and you can see Sahyadris plateau from the Dhodap fort top.

Places of interest around Dhodap fort:

  • Temples and ponds at the fort
  • Caves and cliffs

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