Nainital: places to visit and where?

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Planning for a summer vacation??
Wanna beat the hot summer waves??
Yet to chose a destination??

The right place for u is here….NAINITAL…a place…no no…one of the nature’s paradise…I must say….
We visited this place last April…..Given a chance I will definitely chose Nainital again…

On the way to NainitalOn the way to Nainital

Reaching there:

There are endless number of trains…we took a train from Delhi to Kathgodam…From kathgodam, Nainital is just 30 kms….
You have plenty of buses from kathgodam to Nainital…But take a taxi if u want to enjoy the beauty of nature….

To reach Nainital you have to travel from one mountain to another…so u can enjoy traveling on long paved roads…enjoy the scenic beauty…and bind yourself with the pure air…..

We stayed in Nainital for just 2 days…enough…if u wanna peaceful stay may be u can prolong Ur stay…but for people planning short holidays Nainital is the best place where you can travel and also enjoy at the same time….

Nainital from a distanceNainital from a distance

Cave Garden:

Well well well…..Most of us would definitely have visited so many parks and gardens…but this one is different….
A garden full of caves and caves only…..we saw many types of caves there like flying fox cave, panther cave, tiger cave, bats cave….i don’t remember the other names though…Panther cave

Flying fox GardenSome caves were quite amazing while others were terrifying…mind you…wear proper shoes…or else you have the chances to kiss the rock caves and the muddy floors….:)

We spent around 2 hours there…you also get to see the whole of Nainital in a small map there…it shows the exact location of were u r right now…no GPS and other locators are needed there….

Nainital Map

 Hanuman Mandir:

We were not allowed to take any snaps there…but I can very well tell you about the temple…
The beauty of this temple is that there are around 4-5 mandirs….

– Lord Hanuman mandir
– Lord Shiva mandir
-Lord Radha Krishna mandir
– Lord Seetha Rama mandir

If you wanna visit each mandir you have to either climb steps or walk at least for  half a kilometer or go on a steep uphill…the climate is just mind blowing…so walking or climbing uphill doesn’t make you tired…but weak people be hydrated….;)

Boating in Nainital lake (Naini Lake):
Boating as everybody knows…Nainital is also famous for its huge lake…obviously wherever there are lakes one can see boats too…

Boats in Naini lakeRoyal boats in Naini lake

 People in Nainital use the water of Naini lake for their domestic purposes(drinking water and for all other basic needs)….
So the Government of Nainital has banned the use of motor boats since these kinds of boats pollute the lake by way of oil spillage and smoke…this is one of the major thing that I noticed there which I adored a lot…though motor boats are much faster than the ordinary row boats and earn a lot of income it’s a very good idea that the government sees to that the water does not get polluted….

Ducks in Naini lakeDucks in Naini lake

One more very important thing is that fishing is not allowed in this lake…..and also a lot of oxygen pipes are provisioned in this lake for the fishes to survive underwater and also to maintain the cleanliness of the lake…I have never seen any other lakes so huge n so cleanly maintained…hats off to these people…The fishes are so huge in this lake…when inquired about these fishes we were surprised to learn that each fish weighs around 30-50 kgs…so just imagine just 5-6 fishes would be enough to Topsy turfy a boat….(hmm-mm…but these are good fishes… are absolutely safe…even if u fall into the water…u have jackets to protect you and these fishes never come near you…this fact is not from my experience but I heard them from the row-man who took us for boating…hehehehhehe…)

Can you see fishes?Can you see fishes?

 You can spend around one hour if you go for a full round or half an hour if you go for half round…boating charges are pretty high here…but you cannot do anything about that cos its fixed by the government…and you also have experienced row-man to take you for boating and bring back you safely….

One more information is that nobody knows the source of Naini lake nor its length nor its depth…it could be 100 ft deep or 200 feet deep…nobody knows till date….

 Horse riding and view points:

As you can see from the pics above, horse riding in Nainital is a must-never avoid option…
The charges for the horse riding varies from season to season…they charge around Rs.1500 per horse in the on-season, around Rs.750 in the mid-season and around Rs.600 in the off-season…but don’t forget to bargain…or else you would get cheated….

The horse riding is for 2 hours and they take you to 7 view points from where you can see the Himalayas as well as the whole of Nainital and also the beautiful lake….

Nainital hill rangesNainital hill ranges

If you go early in the morning you can view the snow peaked Himalayas…a view of a lifetime…a chance of a lifetime…never miss that…we went in the afternoon…so we couldn’t see the snow capped peaks but just the clouds covering the Himalayas….

To cover those 7 points it’s a steep uphill climb and the same way back…but don’t worry…you don’t have to walk…the horses will carry us…but god…I was just frightened…n I was also about to fall off the horse…its not a smooth ride though…..its all rocky on the way and you jump on the sit properly and hold tight…the guides come with us…and they kept encouraging me saying” dar math karo madam ji…kuch nahi hoga”…….

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