Muttukadu Boathouse: Boating on backwaters, ECR, Chennai

Muttukadu boat house is a water sports facility on the East Coast Road at Muttukadu, Chennai, India, offering rowing, windsurfing, water skiing, and speedboat riding. It is a backwater area of the Bay of Bengal located 36 km from the city center and 23 km from Adyar on the way to Mamallapuram. The boathouse was inaugurated in 1984 and has 15-row boats, 27 speedboats, and 9 pedal boats, besides two high-speed aqua scooters. The water depth varies between 3 ft and 6 ft. It is owned and operated by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC). The boating spot receives more than 4,000 visitors every weekend.

Muttukadu Boating information & price:

  • 36 Kms from Chennai on East coast road aka ECR towards Mahabalipuram
  • Open from 9 AM to 7 PM & run by TTDC
  • A variety of boating choices:
    • Row boating for Rs 130 for 30 minutes
    • Speed boating for Rs. 450 for 10 minutes
    • Power boating for 8 members for Rs. 350
    • Shared Boating 30 minutes ride cost Rs. 50
1 2 Seater Water Scooter 5 minutes Rs. 780
2 6 Seater Motor Boat 20 minutes Rs. 630
3 8 Seater Motor Boat 20 minutes Rs. 830
4 10 Seater Motor Boat 20 minutes Rs. 1050
5 3 Seater Speed Boat 10 minutes Rs. 720
6 3 Seater Row Boat 30 minutes Rs. 230
7 4 Seater Row Boat 30 minutes Rs. 320
  • Contact: 9952995827

Sunset, muttukadu boat house, chennai

Muttukadu Boathouse has situated 36 Km from Chennai and 23 Kms from Adyar along the East coast road or the road towards Mahabalipuram. Muttukadu boating is done over Muttukadu backwaters. The backwaters are formed due to a lake connected to the Bay of Bengal to the East of Muttukadu Boathouse. If you are only interested in beaches, then here is a list of beaches in Chennai.

Muttukadu has become famous as a weekend outing place or a picnic place for people from Chennai in recent years. And it becoming one of the best places to see in Chennai. From the safety point of view, everyone on boating is given a life jacket.

An evening at muttukadu boating houseMuttukadu Boat House, Chennai, in evening

This place is an ideal choice for family outings for a day. You can spend some peaceful time with your family away from city life, enjoy the nice ride along ECR, have boating fun together. After purchasing the ticket, people wait inside the waiting room which is made up of bamboos and looks great. They announce your turn over the mike and then accordingly people catch the boat.

Muttukadu boat house eveningWooden dock from where people ride a boat

ECR bridge from Muttukadu boat houseA closer look at Muttukadu Boating

  • Feels great to walk over a wooden dock over the water
  • Drivers of powerboat take us first towards the city, the west end of backwaters.
  • Return, go eastwards towards the sea
  • Crossing under the ECR bridge is a really very exciting part of it.
  • If asked, the driver can cross the bridge twice or thrice
  • This total power ride fun lasts for about 30-40 mins.

Other places of interests nearby along ECR (East Coast Road) are:

Muttukadu boat contribution during Chennai Flood:

Boats at Muttukadu Boathouse, Chennai which once served the fun part of the tourists, turned as lifesavers during the recent Chennai rain flood. Muttuadu Boathouse is situated on the East coast road almost at the outskirts of the city of Chennai.

While rescue operation during the Chennai flood was in full swing inside the city, some of the parts were ignored because of their locations outside Chennai. In those cases, TTDC boats were used for the minor operations along the East Coast road called ECR and the Old Mahabalipuram Road Called OMR. Though these boats had been used during cyclone this was the first time that TTDC boats were used to ferry people in flood-affected areas.

According to TTDC officials, as many as 20 motorboats were used in the rescue operations. Powered by the motor engine, these boats made an innumerable number of rounds throughout the day and the night to rescue people from the flood-prone and flood-hit area.

Boating at Dubare forest

Besides Muttukadu Boathouse, boats from other boating points along the East coast road were also used in the rescue operations. These boating points include Mudaliarkuppam Boat House, Yercaud boathouse etc. Though Mudaliarkuppam Boat House could not contribute much towards the rescue operation as it was hit badly by the Chennai rain and most of its boats were destroyed under the incessant rain.

The remaining boats are being repaired and it is hoped that the Mudaliarkuppam Boat House will resume its travel and tourism operations soon after being closed for as many as ten days.

Chunnambar backwaters in Pondicherry and boating point met the same fate during this heavy rain along the east coast of India. Most of the boats were washed away, the plan for the luxurious boathouse was also postponed and the officials are waiting for the suits brought by the rain to get washed away from the Chunnambar backwaters so that they can resume the boating operations.

Muttukadu Adventure Activities Guide

Adventure Water Sports In Muttukadu

The Muttukadu Lake is a mainstream goal for water sweethearts. Activities in Muttukadu destination is a little villa which is abundantly celebrated for its backwaters, palm grooves, green condition. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development partnership has built up a Boat House here which not just engages experience darlings with sculling, kayaking, paddling, and so forth, yet in addition, composes classes for aficionados. Consistently in the period of February, a windsurfing regatta is led in Muttukadu. It gives sufficient vehicle leaving offices also. The adventure Sports In Muttukadu lake offers its guests various water sports including yet not limited to speedboat riding, paddling, windsurfing, and water skiing.

Adventure Caving In Muttukadu

Tiger Cave, arranged close to Saluvankuppam town, is around 5 km far from Mahabalipuram. Adventure Sports In Muttukadu is a stone sliced sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Durga and has excellent carvings. The activities in the Muttukadu destination cavern are constructed like an outside theater which additionally fills in as a cookout spot for visitors.

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