Mughal Garden Delhi: Timings, Photos & How to reach by metro

Mughal garden Delhi, inside Rashtrapati Bhawan, is one of most beautiful gardens in Delhi. Know about timings, How to reach Mughal Garden (by metro) & photos.

Some useful information about Mughal Garden Delhi:

Mughal Garden Timings: 9:30 Am to 4:00 Pm (Except Monday)

Mughal Garden usually opens for general public from the month of February to March every year. ‘Udyanotsav’ is a month long festival celebrated every year when the garden opens up for public.

How to reach Mughal Garden Delhi?

Nearest metro station to Mughal garden is Central Secretariat Metro station. Central Secretariat Metro station is very well connected by Violet and Yellow metro lines.

This Mughal garden nearest metro station is situated at a distance of almost 2 Km from Mughal garden. That means, either you can walk from Central secretariat to Mughal garden or take an auto. Walking should be preferred if you have time. Because you will walk along the Rajpath. Just ask anyone at the metro station about Rashtrapati Bhawan and they will guide. It’s a straight road. If you take an auto, Auto will cost you around 30 rupees.

Mughal Garden Entry fee: Free

For Mughal Garden entry through gate number 35, first of all, we have to submit our bags in the cloakroom which is for free. After that, there’s a security check and we get in. You might be asked to produce an Id card at the security check, so please carry one of your govt. Id cards.

About Mughal Gardens:

Mughal garden Delhi inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan constructed by Mughals. Mughal garden was later redesigned by sir Edwin Lutyens for Lady Harding. Located inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan premises, Mughal garden is spread over 13 acres with flowers, herbs and shrubs. There are fountains everywhere in the garden giving it a soothing atmosphere.

As we walk through the garden, following the arrows guide signs, we see herbal garden enriched with the vivid variety of herbs. There in the herbal garden, there is a section for kids having swings, hanging slides, see-saw and many more.

Walking further, we reach bonsai garden where there are hundreds of species of ficus. After that, we reach musical garden which has a beautiful fountain which flows with music rejoicing our mood.

Next we reach the main Mughal garden and see the diversity of flowers of all colors we could imagine. The environment in the garden is so peaceful that every nature lover should visit this place.

And then we each the rose garden itself having roses of colors pink, red, maroon, yellow, saffron, white, cream etc.
At last, we follow the arrows to the exit gate. Outside the exit gate, there is a restroom and there are stalls of Khadi kurta, botanically grown vegetables and oil grown without chemicals for display which runs by president estate corporate store Ltd. There are medical camps and drinking water is also available at different spots.

There are medical camps and drinking water is also available at different spots.

Outside there is a spiritual garden having plants like the Sandal, Christmas tree, Kadam, Shami, tulsi, Brahmi etc which is worth having a look.

At last, we collect our bags from the cloak room and come out.

Eating options near Mughal Gardens:

Food: Outside Mughal garden there are stalls of ice creams, soft drinks, bread pakora, burger, coffee, tea, sandwich, Jhal Moori, panipuri, Chola Bhatura, Ram laddu, sambhar wade, papad chaat etc. which should be tried but the prices are little higher than usual.

Mughal Garden Photos:

Mughal Garden Delhi

Mughal Gardens in delhi

A yellow rose in Mughal garden delhi

A fountain at Mughal Garden

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