Lotus Temple, Delhi: History, Timings & Nearest Metro

Lotus temple, Delhi became most visited monuments in India recently. It has won several notable awards because of its lotus-like shape.

Lotus temple delhi

Lotus temple History:

The construction of the Lotus temple was completed in 1986. The reason it is called lotus temple because its shape resembles a lotus and also lotus is a sign of purity and peace. It is a part of Bahai temple or Bahai house of worship. You must be astonished about ‘Bahai house of worship’ term. Well, Bahai is a kind of faith. They are famous for making great monuments as a house of worship. This temple is lotus shaped with a seating capacity of 1,300.It is known worldwide for its enigmatic architecture. There in the temple, no donation is allowed.

How to reach lotus temple and nearest metro station:

Being in Delhi the easiest and cheapest mode to reach the temple is metro. We start our journey by boarding Badarpur metro of violet line and deboarding at the Kalkaji metro station, from there it is just 5 minutes walking distance to the temple.

Lotus temple Timings:

Opening days: the temple remains open on every day except Mondays. However it remains open on Mondays too but you have to be a Bahai or a friend to offer and attend Monday prayers.

Summer: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Winter: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Lotus temple Delhi entry fee:

Because the entry is free. But you can’t escape the long queue of people standing outside. There is a security check and there, you are in.

On entering we encounter greenery spread over a large area setting the perfect mood for peace. Gardens in lotus temple are enriched with pretty flowers giving the building mesmerizing ambience. As we walk ahead we reach the shoe deposit point where we have to deposit our shoes to maintain the sanctity of the holy place.

We get aligned in a line and walk further to the temple, the volunteers of bahai faith delivers speech regarding the purpose for which lotus temple was made and informs us that people from all religions and belief are gathered there to offer prayers to their respective Gods or to do yoga. People also visit lotus temple to attain nirvana through meditation. As we enter we are provided with chairs and are free to pray. You must remember how your teacher demanded for pin drop silence in the class. Here in lotus temple you will get to know what it is. If anyone whispers a word the sound echoes and he is immediately stopped by the volunteers. This place is perfect for meditation .You have to visit this place if you are a peace lover. After having  peaceful time inside you can come out and click pictures of the place .If you are interested in knowing more about bahai faith you can consult the information cell .The information cell has volunteers who clears any doubt related to the bahai faith ,it has  scriptures and pictures which tells the history of bahai faith and lotus temple. And then at last we come out through the exit gate.

Food: Several vendors surrounds the temple so in case you feel hungry you always have an option to  try out some street food like jhaalmudi, golgappe, and  chuski and trust me you will regret in case you don’t.


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