Jatayu Nature Park Travel Guide, Kollam, Kerala

Jatayu Nature park is an entertainment park and Tourism centre under construction in  Chadayamangalam town in Kollam district of Kerala. Jatayu nature park is a theme based adventure park in Kerala names after ‘Jatayu’ a semi-God in the form of a vulture. Whole premises of Jatayu Nature park will be called as “Jatayupura”. This theme park is spread across 65 acres.

Jatayu Nature park contact: +91-474 2477077

Jatayu Nature Park Entry Charges & Fee

Jatayu Sculpture & Cable Car

  • Adult: Rs. 400
  • Senior Citizen: Rs. 360

Jataya Nature Park Paintball fee

Paintball needs a minimum of 8 people. Total charges are Rs. 9440 including GST

Jataya Nature Park Adventure Games fee

Jatayu nature park adventure games fee is Rs. 590 per person.

Jatayu Nature park

How to reach Jatayu Nature park?

Driving to Jatayu Nature park:

If you are driving your own car. Search on Google maps for “Jatayu Nature Park” and google map will give you a route direction from your place to Jatayu nature park.

Reaching Jatayu nature park by public transport:

Nearest bus stand to Jatayu nature park: Chadayamangalam
Buses to Chadayamangalam can be searched online at Kerala State road transportation corporation site. Local buses also ply from Kollam, Varkala, Punalur, Kottarakkara etc.

  • Kollam KSRTC Bus Station – 40.4 km
  • Varkala – 30 Km

Nearest railway stations to Jatayu Nature park:

  • Punalur railway station – 25 Kms
  • Paravur railway station – 27.5 km
  • Kollam Junction railway station – 38.7 km
  • Kottarakara railway station – 23.1 km
  • Varkala railway station – 30 Km

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Places to see/ Things to do in Jatayu Nature Park:

1. Jatayu Sculpture:

Jatayu Sculpture

Jatayu Sculpture at Jatayu Nature Park is the world’s largest bird sculpture. The total dimension of Jatayu sculpture is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet high. The total inbuilt area of Jatayu bird sculpture is 15000 square feet. Locals believe that this is where the mythical bird fell after being struck down by Ravana. The Jatayu Sculpture will offer three things to do experiences:

  • A museum
  • A theatre
  • A bird’s eye view experience

Museum at the Jatayu Nature Park:

The Museum at the Jatayu nature park will be situated inside the Jatayu bird sculpture. This museum will be spread across three floors. First two floors will show the timeline of Treta yuga, an era when Ramayana happened. Jatayu bird was a part of the Ramayana. The Ramayana timelines will be shown in the form of a multi-dimensional digital imaging and physical paintings.

Theatre at the Jatayu Nature Park:

Theatre at the Jatayu Nature park will be situated inside the wings of the Jatayu sculpture. This theatre will be six-dimensional in nature and it will project the war between Ravana (The evil character of the Ramayana) and Jatayu (A bird on the side of the God Rama).

Bird’s eye view at Jatayu nature park:

The bird’s eye view will be located in the eye of the Jatayu sculpture. A staircase will lead to the top. From the top, tourists can see the panoramic beauty of Kerala and view of the Arabian sea towards Kollam and Varkala towards the west.

2. Jatayu Nature park Passenger Ropeway:

Jatayu nature park ropeway

The total length of the passenger ropeway at Jatayu nature park will be 500 metres And it climbs the total altitude of 600 feet. Special cabins have been imported from Switzerland as per international safety standards. The ropeway carries up to 400 passengers per hour. The cable car has 16 imported cable cars from Switzerland. Ropeway charges are Rs. 400 for To and fro.

3. Walkway:

Jatayu nature park walkway

For adventure-seeking people who believe in walking in nature, A 1.5 Km paved road is being constructed which will lead to the Jatayu sculpture. This walk will pass through rocky terrain and nature offering a tourist nice view of the surrounding.

4. Adventure park at Jatayu Nature park:

Adventure park, Jatayu nature park

Adventure park at Jatayu nature park spreads over 20 acres of land across different kinds of rock formations. A trekking path through the adventure park takes you to almost 1000 feet in the nature park. Apart from trekking opportunity, other fun activities at Jatayu adventure park will be Paintball, laser tag, archery, air-rifle shooting, mountain biking, rock climbing, bouldering, zip line and many more adrenaline rush fun activities under the guidance of trained and certified staffs.

5. HeliTaxi, Jatayu Nature park:

HeliTaxi at Jatayu Nature park is for the tourists who want to take the unique aerial view experience of the whole of the Jatayu nature park. Apart from the aerial view of the Jatayu Nature park, the HeliTaxi also covers nearest tourist destinations and scenic locations.

6. Ayurvedic cave resorts at Jatayu Nature Park:

Ayurvedic cave resorts Jatayu nature park

Jatayu Nature park, Jatayupura offers stays for tourists inside resorts carved in ancient natural caves. This house of rejuvenation will offer famous Kerala ayurvedic massage to tourists along with natural organic diets. However, these cave resorts will include all the modern state of art facilities while keeping up the sacred ambience. These cave resorts will an extension to the ancient natural caves.

Tourist places of interests Around Jatayupura:

  • Thenmala
  • Palaruvi Waterfalls
  • Rosemala
  • Maruthimala
  • Kuttalam

About Jatayu:

In the epic of Ramayana, Jatayu was a demi-god in the form of a bird, vulture. Ravana was the evil character in Ramayana and King of SriLanks. Lord Rama was the good character in the epic of Ramayana who ascended on the earth in the form of a God. Sita was the wife of the God Rama.

One day, Ravana abducts Sita and Jatayu sees Ravana taking Sita on his mythical Aeroplane. Being on the side of the God Rama, Jatayu fights Ravana to save Sita from Abduction. However, Ravana kills him and he falls from the sky.

Jatayu Nature park is being constructed on the same hill where Jatayu fell down and his beak broke. Once can still see the mark of the broken beak on the rocks of the hill according to the local legends.

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