Hill Stay Cottage Review, Kakkabe, Tadiandamol

When we decided to go for the Tadiandamol trek on a budget trip, our search for a budget yet a beautiful home stay started. Though we had many homestays near Tadiandamol on our list, finally we decided to go to the Hill Stay Cottage. Here is my personal review of this property.

Hill Stay Rooms

There are a total of four rooms at hill stay cottage. Each room has two double beds. That means it can accommodate four people easily in one room. Besides, the room size is really big with a lot of empty space. Each room has lights and fan attached to it with tiled flooring. Beds are cozy. Rooms look basic but if you are going for the trek, you are not going to stay inside the room for long anyway.

Apart from that, each room has a bathroom attached to it. The bathroom is neat and clean along with a shower, hot & cold water taps, a washbasin, bucket, mug, and a loo. Overall, the entire Homestay can accommodate around 16-20 people.

All the rooms open to a Beranda. The veranda has tables and chairs where you can sit and relax. If the weather is good, you can also relax in the sun outside. The Beranda also has the dining table and chairs where they serve the breakfast and dinner.

Water facility at Hill Stay cottage

Hill Stay cottage has 24 hours water facilities. If you are looking for the warm water, then it comes from 6-8 in the morning and 6-8 in the evening as well. There is a water heater in the back of the cottage from where you get the hot water.

Hill Stay cottage food

When we booked the cottage, it was already inclusive of breakfast and dinner.


The breakfast is really awesome. If not unlimited then the breakfast is not limited either. Here is the list of items that we got in the breakfast:-

  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Jam
  • Poori
  • Sabji
  • Idli
  • Chutney
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Next day in the breakfast, the menu was changed and it was again awesome. They cook in authentic Karnataka and Kerala style depending on the dish. Even we had asked to take the bread and Jam on the trek but we could not use it and finally returned to the host.

In the evening, when we returned from the trek, they served us free tea and coffee which was not included in the package. However, for the next day breakfast, we had to pay. It was 450 for 6 persons.


The host will take the count of veg and non-veg people in the morning for the dinner So that they can bring the required items. You can decide the dinner timings. When we returned from the trek, we were hungry so decided to take the dinner early to enjoy the campfire for longer. Here is the list of items that we were served at the dinner:

  • Akki Roti (Roti made up of rice flour)
  • Dal Fry
  • Chicken
  • Watermelon (in fruits)
  • Veg curry (we could not guess what was that except that’s delicious taste)
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Salad (Onion & Cucumber)
  • Sambhar
  • Rice
  • One or two more items which I do not remember at the moment

The chicken was so good that we asked again for the chicken and that guy gave us. We had also asked to keep our beer in the freezer there. You can also share the kitchen on request.

Nature & View Around Hill Stay Cottage

The view is spectacular from the cottage. You can see the mountains in the background and forest in the front. The host has put a lot of flowers around the cottage. That adds another level of beauty to it. There is ample space for photography around. The best thing that I liked is you can see the sunrise and sunset from the cottage’s open ground which is very rare in the mountains.

We have also arranged campfire in the evening. The best about the campfire is you sit around with your own people. I have also been on treks with some trekking companies. In those treks, the campfire will be very crowded. There will be around 20-25 people sitting around the fire.

In this campfire, we were 6 people. That looked like a private campfire. In the night, you can gaze the stars and even moon looks brighter. It gets very silence in the night. You can hear the sound of the wind, nature while looking at the stars and the moon. That looks so relaxing.

Moreover, after returning from the trek, we had taken hot water shower and then we decided to sit around the fire with a beer. That was a so relaxing feeling. We also requested more woods for the fire as we had planned to sit for long and they brought that.


Charges are always negotiable. We were asked 1200 per person but we finally negotiated to 1100 per person including breakfast & dinner. The price looked reasonable to me. I will also put a comparison below.

Hill Stay Host

The hostname is Vivek. He is a nice guy owing coffee plantations. He can speak Hindi, English and Kannada Fluently. There is another guy who takes care of the room service & food etc. That guy can understand Kannada fluently but Hindi or English for him might be a problem. Here are the contact numbers:

  • +91 9901339255
  • +91 8277313697

Email ID: vivekkalappa@gmail.com

Other facilities at Hill Stay Cottage near Tadiandamol

  • Private parking
  • Home cooked food
  • Good coverage of mobile networks
  • Stream walk on request
  • Coffee plantations tour on request
  • Nearby shops for snacks and other basic needs.
Going Privately (6 People) Going with a Tour Agency
9000 in total in Innova from Bangalore including toll, parking & driver charges for 2 days
6600 in total for staying including breakfast & dinner
3000 in total for next day breakfast & lunch
1500 in total for beer & snacks
1000 for other expenses
21100 in total for 6 people 21000 (3500 per head for six people)

What extra you get?

  • A comfortable ride in Innova instead of going in a minibus arranged by a tour agency.
  • You can stop at your own will
  • Private trekking without any hustle for the group
  • Better dinner & breakfast as opposed to tour agencies which offer fixed menu.
  • You can even drink with your friends on a private campfire.
  • A nice cozy stay along with friends as opposed to tour agency in where you share the room and bathroom.

Hill Stay Cottage Pictures

Water Heating facility hill stay cottage

Water Heating facility

Sunrise Hill Stay Cottage Tadiandamol


Hill Stay Cottage (3)

Hill Stay Cottage from side

Hill Stay Cottage (2)

Hill Stay Cottage from Front

Hill Stay Cottage (1)


Campfire at hill stay cottage, Kakkabe


Hill Stay Bedroom

Hill Stay Bedroom

Western Ghats Flowers



Raw Coffee beans

Raw Coffee beans

Cosmos Flower

Cosmos Flower

Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (6) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (5) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (3)



Flowers and the hills in the background

Flowers and the hills in the background

Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (8) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (14) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (15) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (9) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (10) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (16) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (17) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (11) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (12) Hill Stay Cottage Flowers (18)

Violet Wood Sorrel

Violet Wood Sorrel




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