Chandi Devi temple (Durga Mandir): Place to visit in Haridwar

How to reach Chandi Devi temple from Haridwar?

Chandi Devi temple is at a distance of 4 kms from haridwar railway station. You can either follow 3 kms of trekking route called chandigate situated at the base of the hill or you can also use cable car service to reach the temple at the top. I would recommend rope way/ cable car because it offers scenic views of the Ganga river and the town of Haridwar.

On the way to chandi devi temple

On the way to chandi devi temple

More about Chandi Devi Temple, Haridwar:

Chandi Devi temple is one of the most ancient temples of India. Thousands of devotees come to the Chandi devi mandir during festivals like Dussera, Navratri etc. But the most known festival for this temple is Chadi chaudas. Chandi Chaudas lasts for 14 days. Chaudas (Chau + Das) chau means four and das means ten. The temple is a visited by most of the Hindu pilgrims going to Haridwar.

Chandi devi mandir, Haridwar

Chandi devi mandir, Haridwar

Now coming to our journey:

as we reached railway station,  we planned to take a dip in holy Ganga then proceed to the Chandi gate to visit Chandi temple.  As we reached chandi gate we were told that we can go to the temple by using cable car or by walking and we preferred the second one. As we looked to the top, the view was magnificent. As you might have seen  every religious place is as crowded as if a European country’s population is equal or even more and that’s the reason it is called spiritual adventure where you gonna find every age group people on this earth over here.

River Ganga from Chandi devi temple, hardidwar

River Ganga from Chandi devi temple, hardidwar

As we started our journey, it was amazing as the weather was cheerful and we were in good spirit. As we were passing by we saw lots of stalls which were mainly providing water and some eatabls. One wonderful thing about this journey which I noticed was that we can keep our bags and belongings with the shopkeeper and you buy some eatabls and when you come back you gonna get your belongings and then you pay to them of what you have ate. Its called trust which is hard to find in today’s world. The time to reach the temple depends on you. The breathtaking and amazing view of river ganges and the holy city of haridwar will not let you feel tired even for a second and then you got lot of monkeys to take care of your fun time and activeness. They are lovely companion for the complete journey. As you reach the top you can easily locate as from where to enter as you gonna find a long que of people standing in a single line. After you come out and go around seeing the creative and amazing beauty of nature, the feeling that we get is divine and complete.

With my friends at Chandi devi temple, you can see the green valley in the backdrop

With my friends at Chandi devi temple, you can see the green valley in the backdrop

More about timings and tickets to Chandi temple, Haridwar:

  • Chandi temple opening timings: 06:00 – 20:00
  • Morning Aarti: 05:30
  • Leather items like shoes, belt etc. not allowed inside
  • Ropeway take 5-7 mins
  • Ropeway charges: 145/ head
  • Ropeway timing: 06:00-20:00

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