Akshardham Delhi: Timings, Location and About The Temple

Akshardham temple Delhi also known as SwamiNarayan Akshardham is awarded the Guinness book of world record for being the largest temple of the world. The temple is built with pink sandstone and white marble with beautiful carvings of lords, sages, and rishis.

Akshardham Delhi timings: 9.30 Am to 6.30 Pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

  • First entry: 9:30 am
  • Last entry: 6:30 pm

Akshardham temple, Delhi is open from Tuesday to Sunday (closed every Monday). You are suggested to avoid Sundays as the place remain extremely crowded during the holiday.

Akshardham Delhi Entry Fee: Free

There is no ticket price or entry fee at the Akshardham temple in Delhi. The entry is free. Any electrical devices or gadgets like camera, mobile phones etc are not allowed inside the temple. There is a free facility of a cloakroom where you can keep the electronic items safe. Ample parking is also available here. Note that the Security check is very strict in the Akshardham Temple. So, make sure you don’t carry any such stuff like food etc that can bother down your mood.

How to Reach Akshardham Delhi?

Akshardham Temple, Delhi is located on national highway 24 in East Delhi. It is approximately 9 km from the city to the complex. Take the Noida city center metro of the blue line and get down at Akshardham temple. The temple is just at a 3-minute walking distance from the Akshardham metro station.

Swaminarayan Akshardham Delhi

About AksharDham Delhi:

The temple is 141 feet high, 316 feet wide and 356 feet long. It has 234 intricately carved pillars, 9 magnificent domes, 20 pinnacles and over 20,000 superbly sculpted figures. At the center of the temple, there is the serene 11 feet high golden Statue of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. That’s why it’s also called as ‘SwamiNarayan Akshardham’. The temple expresses the spirit of India’s great culture. Akshardham is the temple where art is ageless; culture is borderless, and values are timeless.

Ten Dwars, Akshardham:

We entered the Akshardham temple through the ‘Ten Dwars’ representing the directions symbolizing the thought mentioned in Rig Veda “let the noble thoughts come from all directions”. The Ten Dwars surrounds a circle and if we clap standing in exactly the middle of the circle the echo comes back from all ten directions symbolizing whatever we give to others come back to us in the same form.

After entering through the ten Dwar, we passed through the Bhakti Dwar. We saw the stalls of guide books and information desks. Next we move through Mayur Dwar which was made to pay tribute to peacocks for the beauty which they give to nature. As we move in we see the gardens of India representing Indian culture. The lush, serene gardens offer a picture perfect view of Akshardham then we deposit our shoes and visit the temple itself.

The temple has gigantic murti of Bhagwan Swaminarayan in the center and statues of Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram. The remnants of Bhagwan Swaminarayan is also preserved in the temple like Chrana-Chinha, clothes, rosary and his nails and hairs. The temple is surrounded with Gajendra Peeth which portrays elephants along with nature, man and the God reflecting the courage, faith, pride, effort, and service. There are marvelous light and sound show in the temple themed on the cycle of life and death. And there is an exhibition showcasing India’s culture through 1000 years. The corridors on the right side of the temple lead to the light and sound show, exhibition and the Abhishek mandir.

There are tokens for performing rituals in the Abhishek mandir. There are concessions for students. The left side corridors lead to food courts, books and gifts and at last, there is the exit. While exiting, we witness the Yogihariday kamal lotus garden with eight petals. Each petal displays quotes of distinguished sages, scientists, historians and statesman inspiring faith in god and faith in man. After exiting, we collect our things from cloak room and then we came out of the Akshardham temple.

Akshardham Delhi other Charges:

Exhibition Charges:

Adult: Rs 170
Senior citizen: Rs 125
Children(4 yrs to 11 yrs): Rs 100
Children below 4 yrs: free
There are concessions offered for school students and college students.

Light and sound show charges

The Light and sound show begins at 6:30 pm onwards.
Charges for light and sound show: Rs 80 (no concession)
Note: Ticket counter of light and sound show open at 4:00 pm

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